1. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    <b>Musical equipment</b>

    Two Fender Telecasters (USA) (see here: http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=30303)
    Price reduced to £525 each.

    Fender Twin Reverb – silverface, 135W. Missing footswitch. I know it always says this, but it literally was recently revalved. Played by the guy from Damon & Naomi (Damon, i guess) and the guy from Frightened Rabbit and Andrew Bird and someone else quite famous when they played Belfast not long ago. Too big for me – I needed it when Julip were playing as a five / six piece but it’s absurdly loud for what I do these days. I’ll be making a big loss on it if I sell at £675, but that’s what I’ll do.

    UFIP hi-hats. Don't know the model but they're really loud and great for rock; again, much too loud for what I do these days. £30.

    (all very good or excellent condition unless stated)


    Cormac McCarthy – The Road
    One of my favourite ever novels. Unbelievably bleak. Almost no punctuation. First edition. £5

    Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion
    You know. It’s good. £6

    Melvyn Bragg – The Adventure of English
    Enjoyable story of how the English language was shaped. £5

    George Monbiot – Heat / The Age of Consent
    Heat is subtitled “How to Stop the Planet Burning” and is about climate change and such. The Age of Consent is about Monbiot’s ideas on democracy, including an outline for a world parliament. £6 each

    A. C. Grayling – The Meaning of Things
    The philosophy of everyday life, or something. £5

    Colm Toibin – Mothers & Sons
    Short stories. £5

    Paul Muldoon – Horse Latitudes
    His most recent collection of poems (I think). Great. £5

    Martin Amis – The Second Plane
    His writings on 9/11, including a couple of short stories. £5

    Motson’s National Obsession
    Bunch of stupid football stats with Motty’s name on it. Bleh. £4

    AC Grayling – Against All Gods
    Six essays on you know what. S’good. £5

    Kingsley Amis – Everyday Drinking
    Collection of his wondrous writings on booze. £5


    Steven Pinker - The Stuff of Thought
    Amazing book on language and neurolinguistics. Good chapter on swearing. Bit battered. £3.50

    Leagues o’Toole – The Humours of Planxty
    Funny and engaging story of the legendary folk band. £3

    Dave Eggers – You Shall Know Our Velocity
    A bit like On The Road, only modern. I love Dave Eggers. £3. I also have McSweeny’s issue 1-3 for sale (£7 each), and the Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans, McSweeney’s’ humourous collection (£6). Oh, and Comedy by the Numbers, their guide to being funny (£6). Guaranteed results!

    James Hatfield – Fortunate Son
    GWB’s early years examined. £3

    Thomas Hardy – Tess of the d’Urbervilles
    Penguin English Library edition. Real sad. £2

    Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go
    Shortlisted for the Booker Prize, if that means anything, which it doesn’t. Good book though. £3

    John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men
    Little tiny recent Penguin edition. £2

    Ian McEwan – Saturday
    The Observer reckons it’s “Dazzling… profound and urgent.” It made me want to live in London, anyway. £3

    JM Coetzee – Disgrace
    Won the Booker Prize, if etc etc and so forth. Made me glad I don’t live in South Africa. £3

    Vladmir Nabokov – Pale Fire
    Weird. A 999-line poem followed by totally deranged analysis. Apparently it’s a masterpiece. Bit fucked up. £2.50

    John Kampfner – Blair’s Wars

    Mark Haddon – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
    First edition. £3.50

    Trevor Dann – Darker Than the Deepest Sea
    Excellent biography of Nick Drake. Has all his tunings at the back, and you learn a lot about Drake’s upbringing. £3.50

    Kurt Vonnegut – Mother Night / Slaughterhouse 5
    Wonderful, really funny – if you don’t know Vonnegut yet, get involved. Latest editions. £3 each

    Bill Murray (no, not that one) - Bhoys, Bears and Bigotry
    Slightly academic look at the history and future of the Old Firm. Dunno why I bought this, but it was a good read. £3

    Keane – the autobiography.
    “Have that, you cunt.” The man, not the band, clearly. £2.50

    Albert Camus – The Outsider
    Special. £2.

    DBC Pierre – Vernon God Little
    Won the Booker etc etc. Has swearing on nearly every page until about half way through, when he washes his mouth out. Got compared to Catcher in the Rye, but not by me. £5

    Dave Eggers – What is the What.
    Fictionalised account of a real survivor of the genocide in Sudan. Heartbreaking and funny and wonderful. First edition. £5

    Mark Thomas – As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela
    Investigation of the arms trade. First edition. £4

    Christopher Hitchens – God is Not Great
    A bit like the God Delusion, only angrier. First edition. £5

    Christopher Hitchens – Orwell’s Victory
    Impassioned defence of Orwell. £5.

    DH Taylor – Orwell: The Life
    The best biography of Orwell that I’ve read. £3

    EM Forster – Howards End
    Upon which On Beauty by Zadie Smith was based. That’s good too. Both for a fiver!

    Viginia Woolf – The Waves / To The Lighthouse / Mrs Dalloway
    Magic. Matching old Penguin Modern Classics editions. £10 for all three.

    Al Franken – The Truth (With Jokes) / Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot
    Did he get into the senate? Blimey. £3.50 each

    DH Lawrence – Selected Poems
    Look! We Have Come Through! £1.50

    Jon Ronson – Them: Adventures with Extremeists

    Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar

    Martin Amis – Dead Babies
    His funniest book, i think

    Martin Amis – House of Strangers
    Absolutely not his funniest book. A bit fucked up.

    Chuck Klosterman - Fargo Rock City
    Very funny memoirs of a teenage metalhead.

    Wendy Northcutt – The Darwin Awards

    Daniel Levitin – This is Your Brain on Music
    Sometimes annoyingly chatty, but contains some really exciting stuff about music and neurology

    Charles Bukowski – What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire
    Poetry collection, looks nice. £6.

    Danny Wallace – Join Me / Yes Man. £3 each



    Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
    Maybe the best film I’ve seen about music. Double DVD. £6

    Pavement – Slow Century
    Worth it for the live shows alone. £6.

    Galaxie 500 – 1987 –1991. £6.

    Live stuff, documentaries, great. £6.

    Metallica – Some Kind of Monster
    Funny. £6.

    WarpVision – The Videos. £6.

    Jeff Buckley – Live in Chicago
    Surprisingly good. £6. Could've just said all DVDs £6, couldn't i?

    Low in Europe
    Low travel around Europe. Wow. Some good tunes though. £yes, 6

    Eels with Strings – Live at Town Hall


    Look Around You
    Season 1

    March of the Penguins

    The West Wing
    Seasons 1-7. 1-5 are really good, then it gets really silly. £50

    Seasons 1-6. Gets very silly. £50

    Well there you are. I have about a million CDs I don't need any more too, might list them but then, who listens to CDs any more? A lot of 12" albums too, but they're not here and I can't remember what there is. Don't have a record player at the moment so it seems silly to keep them.

    There are loads more books like those above, and DVDs. I listed the ones I thought people would be most interested in, but if you want to have a look through the lot, I live in Ballyhackamore and you're more than welcome. Some guitar pedals, most Aston Villa shirts from 1987 - present and a few hundred Three Tales album available too.

    Phone 07545 463927 or email niall@furioustradesmen.com if interested in anything. Can deliver in Belfast this weekend.

  2. avatar AngelaMOK
    Niall, can I have

    Melvyn Bragg – The Adventure of English and

    John Steinbeck – Of Mice and Men

    please please?

  3. avatar papaul
    would be interested in the ufip hats, but knowing what model they are is pretty important. could you pm me? could have a look at them.
  4. avatar distracted
    Can I take the Wilco DVD please? Would be interested in seeing what else you have - I live sort of round the corner, Bloomfield Rd.
  5. avatar Desus
    I think the National played through your Fender too.
  6. avatar Shanghai 5
    messaged you Niall.