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    This week we have the fabulous Cat Barter and Clare Galway
    with support from Gareth Brannigan.

    [b:9e90765eb4]Cat Barter[/b:9e90765eb4]


    From her myspace, Cat seems determined to let her music do the talking. Most of you will probably know Clare Galway, the violinist from The Winding Stair. Cat - get a profile up love! we need to know mare about you!


    [b:9e90765eb4]Gareth Branigan[/b:9e90765eb4]
    is a 19 year old singer/songwriter and I have just completed recording my first EP 4 track cd 'Walk With Me' at Shabby Road Studios Belfast



    Music starts at 8pm
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    The new cafe charity is CESESMA, which is a centre for education in health and environment based in Nicaragua, working with children and young people in five of the districts in Northern Nicaragua with the greatest dependence on coffee production and thus the greatest incidence of child labour and associated social problems.

    [b:d87c464d47]Strategic objectives and targets [/b:d87c464d47]

    1 To strengthen the participation and organisation of children and young people, enabling them to act effectively in local and national decision-making forums.

    2 To contribute to the promotion and defence of children and young people’s rights.

    3 To contribute to the conservation and improvement of the natural environment.

    4 To contribute to improving interpersonal relations, in family, school and community, in order to reduce violence.

    5 To promote preventive health-care at personal, family and community level.

    6 To promote alternative learning opportunities, based on the interests of children and young people.

    7 To build capacity within the team for the management of social change, thus enabling effective political and social intervention.

    For more information go to http://www.cesesma.org

    Everything donated on Common Grounds music nights goes directly to the charity. so do all our profits.