1. avatar uzilover
    * Boss DD7 delay pedal (few scratches but other wise perfect condition - 75

    * Boss TR2 tremolo pedal (perfect condition but w/ box)-40

    * Electro Harmonix Big Muff NY (perfect condition) - 25

    * Marshall Jackhammer distortion - 20

    * Marshall Regenerator - 35

    * Behringer PB1000 pedal board (perfect condition), fits up to 12 pedals - 65

    I live and work in Belfast area, PM me if you are interested, Thanks!
  2. avatar uzilover
    tremolo and big muff both gone, everything else still available!!
  3. avatar uzilover
  4. avatar Johnny irwin
    is delay still available
  5. avatar anty2
    Ill lift it off you Friday 14th if you still have it by then.
  6. avatar Johnny irwin
    I'll bye it now if you still have it
  7. avatar Johnny irwin
  8. avatar comprachio

    Schoolboy error there!
  9. avatar The_Martyr
    someone please note this thread was last active 3 months ago...
  10. avatar salfhal
    Still got the pedal board?