1. avatar The Limelight
    [color=#][color=red:9d9e500108]THE[/color:9d9e500108] MACCABEES[/color]
    <a href="http://s279.photobucket.com/albums/kk125/returnofthedogs/?action=view&current=mac.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk125/returnofthedogs/mac.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    The Maccabees new album ‘Wall of Arms’ is out on 4th May on Fiction/Polydor Records. The album was produced by Markus Dravs (Bjork/Arcade Fire) and follows the success of 2007’s ‘Colour it in’. ‘Love you Better’ will be the first single from the new album and is set for release on the 27th April, but has already recieved exclusive radio play on Steve Lamac’s Radio 1 show. The Maccabees have an intense three month tour before their last date in The Spring + Airbrake on Thursday 28th May. Tickets are priced £12.50 subject to booking fee are available at all usual outlets now.

    Venue: Spring + Airbrake

    Date: Thursday 28th May 2009

    Ticket Price: £12.50 (Subject to booking fee)

    Doors: 8:30pm

    Support: TBC


    In person: From 22 Ticketmaster outlets province wide / Katy Daly’s Bar
    24hr hotlines: Tel: (NI) 0870 243 4455 (ROI) 0818 719 300
    Buy online: www.geturticket.com / www.ticketmaster.ie

    For more see: www.cdcleisure.com /www.themacabees.co.uk / www.myspace.com/themacabees
  2. avatar drive by fader
    Us Cutaways will be providing support for the night.
  3. avatar adamb1026
    Really wanna go to this, but Portfolio work, may be first in line :(
  4. avatar drive by fader
  5. avatar The Limelight
    Running times:

    Doors 8:30p.m


  6. avatar adamb1026
    is there tickets still?
  7. avatar Elms
    Paying at the door will be fine
  8. avatar pennydistribution
    anyone hear how this went? so sorry i missed it...
  9. avatar Mardy-Bum
    What an absolutely great gig!! Maccabees were fucking fantastic! One of the best bands ive seen live in a while, brilliant!
  10. avatar Gigging NI
    [size=18:3503625a77]The Maccabees w/ Cutaways[/size:3503625a77]
    [size=15:3503625a77][i:3503625a77]Check out the review at...[/i:3503625a77][/size:3503625a77]
  11. avatar adamb1026
    Fantastic gig, worth every penny!

    Such a great live act, seemed surprised at the reaction they got from the crowd.

    Although they didnt play About Your Dress
  12. avatar Gigging NI
    Yeah, totally agree with you. They seemed quite surprised by it all, which is great! That's why Belfast is so good to gig in!