1. avatar AU Magazine
    Yeo! This week [b:ecf9859d5a]AU Magazine[/b:ecf9859d5a] is descending upon [b:ecf9859d5a]Gigantic [/b:ecf9859d5a]to bring a little extra love to the club.
    There’s going to be a [b:ecf9859d5a]photographer[/b:ecf9859d5a] down taking snaps of the crowd for the next issue of the mag, plus there will be some sweet [b:ecf9859d5a]AU badges[/b:ecf9859d5a] and [b:ecf9859d5a]free back issues[/b:ecf9859d5a] on the go too.
    We’d like it if there were as many peeps down representing as possible. Get in on the action, muthaflippas!
    9pm, £3
    Lavery's Bunker