1. avatar Jeebas
    18 month old Reverend Warhawk HB.

    Great quality guitar (discontinued model), never gigged, looks exactly like this:


    I've had PAF sized P90 pickups professionally installed by Pete Griffin and it's wired with separate volume controls for each pickup and a master tone control.

    Never gigged or even out of the house, in perfect condition with matching Reverend hardcase.

    Check reviews here:


    Looking 325.

    PM me if you're interested - or if you fancy a trade for a Jazzmaster 8)

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  2. avatar Cugel
    Away foul tempter!
  3. avatar Jeebas
    Hey John,

    Hope you're enjoying the Avenger - good guitars aren't they?

    The Warhawk's a bit like a cross between a Strat and an Firebird - unusual, but very playable with a great tone.

    Lovin' the SG btw :)
  4. avatar Jeebas
    Bump for price drop.
  5. avatar Jeebas
    Another wee bump before eBay...