1. avatar clivemcl
    Hello! If you are reading this, you have made one more click than I could have hoped for! (Since this forum has plenty of well respected photographers as it is)

    I'd greatly appreciate however, just one more click... to my gallery website...


    [i:4f830154aa]"Clive Mclaughlin is a graduate media designer who has taken a keen interest and taken it to a more serious level. Clive cannot claim to have the latest equipment or any photographic credentials, but he likes to think he knows what he is doing, and he believes his portfolio backs his self-belief.

    Clive has a keen interest in live and promo music photography but is also more than happy to a do portrait or press photography"[/i:4f830154aa]

    To be clear - as it stands, I am not making a living off this - it is little more than a hobby which might have the added bonus of making me money. For this reason, my prices (i assume) are quite cheap. If however, a good amount of interest is shown, my prices may well increase, so act early!


    Booking Fee : £10 (gets me down to the gig with the camera)

    Price per Shot: £5 (You will have the opportunity to choose as many or as little from the set of photos taken, and you only pay for what you take)

    I would also ask that where possible I could be placed on the venue guest list.

    Get In Touch : PM me, or contact details on website


    All images on www.clivemclaughlinphotography.com
    are copyright © 2007 - 2009 Clive Mclaughlin, Clive Mclaughlin Photography
    and are the exclusive property of Clive McLaughlin (unless otherwise indicated).
    All rights reserved.

    If you are a client, the shots taken will have been sent to you. If you are not a client and photos of you/your band appear on this website, you are MUST NOT use the images unless you have contacted Clive McLauglin to discuss fees.

    [b:4f830154aa]Warning:[/b:4f830154aa] I actively search social networking sites relating to the bands Iíve shot. I vigorously protect my copyright interests from those using my images without permissions.

    [b:4f830154aa]HAVE I SHOT YOUR GIG?[/b:4f830154aa]

    Bands i have shot for fun over the past couple months include:

    [i:4f830154aa]A Plastic Rose
    Before Machines
    Burn The Canvas
    Clown Parlour
    Escape Act
    General Fiasco
    John Shelly and The Creatures
    The Good Fight
    The Shower Scene
    Under Stars and Gutters[/i:4f830154aa]

  2. avatar Pavel
    Good start, informative website.
  3. avatar clivemcl
    Cheers Pavel, love your work!
  4. avatar outcomethepunx
    I can honestly say i love Clives' work and that more people should check it out.He shot us in Exodus in Coleraine and he got some amazing shots. Sound as a pound too.
  5. avatar clss_act_00
    I like the shots of us you have on the site, eventually I'll get round to contacting you about them
  6. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    Cheers for the comments lads!

  7. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Gerry Norman...

    Oh forgot to say previous post is a band from England called Saving Aimee
  8. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    Adam Montgomery, The Good Fight
  9. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    General Fiasco - Nerve Centre
  10. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    Under Stars and Gutters
  11. avatar diabolikal616
    Clive, not only has some fantastic work, he's a friendly nice guy too! I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking a great shot!
  12. avatar clivemcl
    A photo a day keeps the bumps away...

    Ed Zealous photos from Radar on my website now!
  13. avatar clivemcl
    I have now been able to upload all my photos which have been published on [url]http://www.giggingNI.com[/url], and other gigs too.

    New uploads include Cancer bats, Rolo Tomassi, Go:Audio, The Shower Scene, Wood pigeon, Frightened Rabit, Lowly Knights and Ed Zealous.

    Check 'em out at [url]http://www.clivemclaughlinphotography.com[/url]
  14. avatar clivemcl
    Von Bondies...
  15. avatar clivemcl
    Frightened Rabit...
  16. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Awesome shots man. Keep it up.
  17. avatar clivemcl
    Cheers dude!
  18. avatar clivemcl
    New photos up from Panama Kings Single Launch!