1. avatar DavidHill
    Crafter Aciustic w/ Gig case and Pickup - 100 ono

    Boss Pedal Bundel- Acoustic Simulator (AC-2), SUPER Feedbacker & Distortion (DF-2), OD/Dis (OS-2) and a Metal Zone (MT-2)- 30 each or the lot for 100

    Marshall MG 4x12- 60ono

    Half Size Violin and Case inc. 2 bows 100ono

    Zildin ZBT Splash - 15

    Mapex v Series Fusion size Drumkit - 200ono

    Silver Classical Flute - 70ono

    Daithi4lh@hotmail.com...Pic and details on Request
  2. avatar DavidHill
  3. avatar kongjnr
    hey, just wanting to know sum info on the crafter acoustic, details and a pic if possible, my email is quinzo_2004@hotmail.com, cheers