1. avatar fatboy
    Needs a wee bit of tlc,few broken knobs etc but check out the price of these new.cost as much as a nice car!think mudd wallace has one of these at his studio(though not with the patchbay).nice smooth analogue sound with 2x 8 groups out and all the adac leads and 4 unit power supply.
    expect to pay around 1200-1600 for one of these used.
    will take 400 to clear.have a heavy duty stand needing fixed which i'll include.please note:bought from studiosystems.co.uk so do your research,bring several mates to lift it and 400 notes!That 400 NO OFFERS!!
  2. avatar Declan
  3. avatar fatboy
    cheers declan.left mob no 4 u.all the best :D