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    I saw a snippet of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela (at the Proms, I think) on telly last year and was very impressed. Even more so when I heard a bit about their background. What could something like El Sistema do for the yoof of Northern Ireland?

    [quote:54a802b925]It was the almost seamless elision from a bongo-driven Latin American encore to the huge stirrings of Elgarís Nimrod that rolled the collective tears down the cheeks of the thousands present. Dudamelís control, energy, exuberance and discipline rendered the whole experience something altogether beyond the beyond.

    I left feeling that, yet again, here was a potential route through recession Ė the return to a time when every local authority had a storehouse of musical instruments, and the potential for extending El Sistema from the four trials currently up and running in the UK to many hundreds. If Venezuela can, why canít we?[/quote:54a802b925]
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    Dudamel for teh win!!1

    Seriously though:

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    Hey Rog if you're into Shostakovich the QUB Orchestra are doing a free concert in Clonard on 5th May and playing one of his Jazz suites, probably the 2nd.

    He's easily one of my fav composers so I'll be checking it out!