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    Continuing our High Voltage series of metal nights in Auntie Annies, The Distortion Project presents.

    [color=red:b03fd7b2f7][b:b03fd7b2f7]Skypilot[/b:b03fd7b2f7][/color:b03fd7b2f7] http://www.myspace.com/skypilotrocks
    [color=red:b03fd7b2f7][b:b03fd7b2f7]Electric Red[/b:b03fd7b2f7][/color:b03fd7b2f7] www.myspace.com/electricredband
    [color=red:b03fd7b2f7][b:b03fd7b2f7]Niyah Sky[/b:b03fd7b2f7][/color:b03fd7b2f7] http://www.myspace.com/niyahsky

    [b:b03fd7b2f7]Thursday 30th April 2009. Auntie Annies, Dublin Road, Belfast. Doors 9pm, £4.00[/b:b03fd7b2f7]


    Today it seems, everyone has an opinion on the genre of music any band plays. People are obsessed with the de rigueur pigeonholing and categorization of music. Genre after sub genre has appeared seemingly overnight, each label more confusing than the last. Lucky then that SKYPILOT don’t give any of that a second thought. SKYPILOT play what feels right.

    Born in early 2002, SKYPILOT formed out of a love of all styles of rock music, every member bringing a different slant or idea on the way that their music should sound. The trio’s jam based approach to song writing means all avenues are explored, no idea is overlooked and most importantly that SKYPILOT forge their own path through the world of modern rock music. Early gigs and their debut SEVERELAND EP saw the band labelled with a “Stoner rock” tag perhaps due to underlying groove in every track, the type that makes you nod your head in time whether you want to or not. Great reviews in magazines like Rock Sound and Metal Hammer supported SKYPILOT’s reputation as a mighty live band and raised yet more interest in the trio.

    The follow up self titled 6-track EP further cemented their reputation as one of the best unsigned bands in Ireland and saw SKYPILOT embark upon 2 UK tours with Stand-Up Guy in support of the well received opus. Further tours followed with bands such as Brant Bjork & The Bros, Firebird, End Of Level Boss and Suns Of Thunder.

    May 2007 saw SKYPILOT enter Einstein Studios to begin work on their debut full length album. Six years of embracing the groove and tightening the riff culminated in MONUMENT, 10 tracks of unpretentious and groove laden rock music. Monument is the sound of a band who have matured through years of rehearsing and gigging, focusing their sound yet keeping true to roots of their earlier releases and the desire to create great songs. Every track is laced with deep grooves, intricate melodies and soaring riffs and the enigmatic songs demand repeated listens. Monument is a statement of intent, pushing the music into uncharted territory but it sounds, more than anything, like SKYPILOT.

    2008 will see the trio from Doagh, Northern Ireland continue to grow and evolve. SKYPILOT will continue to gig relentlessly on their home shores in support of MOUMENT while plans are being drawn up for yet another assault on the UK mainland.

    Look out…

    [b:b03fd7b2f7]ELECTRIC RED[/b:b03fd7b2f7]

    Formed in 2008 from the ashes of Belfast's Involution, Electric Red are a band...

    [b:b03fd7b2f7]NIYAH SKY[/b:b03fd7b2f7]

    Niyah Sky are 4 piece metal outfit from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The new E.P. “Scratch the Surface” is out now, recorded at Manor Park Studios in early 2008, including 3 tracks: Rotten, Answer Me, and AK-48.

    Niyah Sky play music and have since 2006. Contact us at niyah_sky@hotmail.co.uk