1. avatar DannyBoy
    Right guys getting rid of some unwanted items in the music room!

    Epiphone Flying V - [b:b89f412272]75[/b:b89f412272] (blk with whte scratch plate)

    Epiphone SG - [b:b89f412272]100[/b:b89f412272] (red with blk scatch plate)

    Electro Harmonix American Big Muff *brand new* - [b:b89f412272]40[/b:b89f412272]

    if interested drop us a mail!
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  2. avatar batteredstrat
    i might be interested in the epi...do you have any pics of it?
  3. avatar ole101
  4. avatar thecomeons_2
    russian big muff or american?