1. avatar Broken Studio
    When it rains it sure does pour! 3 Bands have cancelled their time in the studio for unforseeable and unfortunate reasons leaving me completely stranded for bookings over the next 2 weeks. For me, this is just plain bad luck but to try and salvage something from the situation I am willing to offer from Friday the 17th of April till Sunday the 3rd of May open to bookings for the limited price of just 10 per hour. This does not apply to bands who are already booked in after this period, if you need anymore info don't hesitate to contact me,

    cheers Paddy

    tel. 07731845399
    email. brokenstudio@hotmail.co.uk
    website. www.brokenstudio.co.uk
  2. avatar Broken Studio
    26th of April, and the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd of Mat already gone. Forgot to leave the aul myspace contact details: