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    Hi, we’ve recently reopened our City Centre rehearsal space. It’s located on [b:92946f937e]Bradbury Place[/b:92946f937e] in Belfast City Centre. It has a [b:92946f937e]full backline[/b:92946f937e] [i:92946f937e](drums, amps, vocal PA)[/i:92946f937e], plus a [b:92946f937e]pool table[/b:92946f937e] and [b:92946f937e]dartboard[/b:92946f937e] for [i:92946f937e]‘creative distraction’[/i:92946f937e].

    The way we work is by allocating each band a night of the week that is theirs and theirs alone. You can practice anytime [b:92946f937e]from 6.30pm[/b:92946f937e], and for [b:92946f937e]as long as you like[/b:92946f937e]. If any of the other nights of the week are free, you can use these nights for your own practice, without charge. The price is [b:92946f937e]£90 PCM[/b:92946f937e].

    There are a limited number of spaces available. If you are interested in the space, please get in touch via PM.

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    sorry this was meant to be a pm
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    A few days have been taken already, but we still have spaces for any interested parties out there.
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    We have Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day left if anyone is interested?
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    Still a few spaces left here.