1. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    hey im in 2 minds which of the 2 to get anybody know anything bout the minimac? the macbook would probly be the 13" one

  2. avatar fastfude
    All standard macbooks are 13" - you've no other choice unless you go for a Macbook Pro instead. Also, it's "Mac Mini" not minimac.

    Anyhoo, the answer to your question will be determined by the answer to this question: what do you want it to be able to do for you?
  3. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    fair do's.

    im looking to multitrack record with logic..

    i have a firewire tascam fw1082 im using it through my windows laptop at the moment with sonar.
  4. avatar fastfude
    Review the tech specs first to make sure your existing devices will fit (eg MM has one FW800 port, while the current generation of MB have no FW at all - only the MacBook Pro has FW):

  5. avatar Gogs
    The White Macbook's still have Firewire..
  6. avatar mkelly
    FW800 ports are backwards compatible with FW400 devices when an 800->400 cable or adapter are used.

    As the owner of a MacBook Pro and a Mac Mini, I'll chip in - if you've no desire to make music on the go then go for the Mini and spend some extra cash on a decent display. Don't forget to boost the Mini to at least 2GB of RAM - I plumped for the 650 quid model for the extra disk space and RAM - Logic needed it.

    I thought I'd be happy working on a 15" MBP display with Logic/Ableton Live and it proved ultimately disappointing until I was working on a decent sized screen.
  7. avatar Nocarsgo
    Or, you can be a crafty devil and just buy an ordinary PC then turn it into a Hackintosh rather easily. Does the same job, just cheaper.
  8. avatar mkelly
    [quote:60a4f99c87="Nocarsgo"]Or, you can be a crafty devil and just buy an ordinary PC then turn it into a Hackintosh rather easily. Does the same job, just cheaper.[/quote:60a4f99c87]

    Why bother.

    Plus it depends what you mean by an "ordinary PC" and "cheaper". When I priced my MacBook Pro, the nearest equivalent was only about 20 quid cheaper. Of course if you want to totally compromise on components then you could probably get a PC a lot cheaper, but then you're comparing apples and oranges :-)
  9. avatar RedLikeCrimson
    mmmm..... orangebook....
  10. avatar Nocarsgo
    There is no such thing as the "Apple Tax" but if you're lucky you can get a great deal on a Dell lappy and have much more bang for your buck. I got a brilliant deal on a Dell Vostro laptop with 4GB of RAM, 250GB HDD and a 2.4 Core 2 Duo processor all in a rather neat little p ackage for 550 four months ago. Bought Leopard and iLife from the Apple Store and it's been beautiful so far. The white Macbook is 800 odd, with lesser specs (I'm not too sure about the type of RAM though, and I'm by no means an expert). They are very pretty though.
  11. avatar fopp
    Think it's 2G RAM and 120G hard drive on the white mac book.
    Also, if you're a student, you should be entitled to get it a lot cheaper, I know someone that got one a couple of weeks ago and it was 620.
  12. avatar Nocarsgo
    Wow, that's actually kinda competitive, so disregard my comments. :-)