1. avatar Atomic
    LES SKALOPES (Brilliant French Ska)
    with support from

    THE PAVILION (Ormeau Road)
    ADM £5.00, DOORS 8.30 p.m

    French band Les Skalopes return to Ireland for a short tour taking in Dublin, Belfast, Enniskillen, and Sligo. This band is one of the most energetic, fun, and danceable live bands around right now, and every gig is guaranteed to get you jumping around with joy!
    Having shared the stage with most of the biggest names in ska right now at festivals all around Europe, the chance to see them at a smaller more personal venue is one that shouldn't be missed!




    Born during winter 1997, Les Skalopes, a band from Bures sur Yvette (Paris suburbs) strides fervently over concert halls, festivals and ballrooms to make people know their music : ska music mixed with a punkrock spirit, and powered by a boosting rhythm section, a generous brass section and the energetic voice of their female singer, mocking the shortcoming of modern societies .
    The 10 musicians share their passion of music through more than 150 concerts, sharing the stage with The Toasters, The Slackers, Emir Kusturica, Inner Terrestrial, Les Fils de Teupuh…
    Concerts which have enabled them to build up a faithful and vaster and vaster audience as much as a solid stage-band reputation, far from the showbiz glittering world and the preformated actual musical trends.
    After several demos, the band produced their first LP “Chasse à l’enfant” (Children to hunt) in 2005, with a video produced in December 2006.
    The band's second album will soon come up.


    “To understand what is Les Skalopes, you have to see the band on stage because of the whole atmosphere. We are 10 guys moving all around, sometimes on small stages, all packed. It’s some mess worth watching! And our singer is everywhere jumping, singing. We call her our Pauline Black”

  2. avatar Atomic
    Approximate stage times:

    Snitch 9.15 p.m
    Pocket Billiards 10.00 p.m
    Les Skalopes 11.00 p.m
  3. avatar daveshorty
    alright everyone! make sure you're there tonight with ur skanking shoes on!
  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    A ten piece band on the Pavilion stage should be interesting.
  5. avatar Atomic
    Only 7 of them made it on tour. Amazing band!