1. avatar confetti
    Black Confetti is closing down in Lisburn at the end of the month. We are having a sale starting on Wednesday at 9:00am

    We will still have the online shop.

    I would just to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who was a customer in the past.

    Rolling Stones, PInk Floyd, The Clash Sex pistols Bar stools now 20
    Mugs now 3.00 for 5
    pint glasses now 33.00
    body jewellery all half price, tunnels, plugs, nose studs, earrings.
    kurt cobain figures 10
    iron maiden/guns'n'roses,BFMV army jackets now 20
    hats although not many left now from 5
    patches, cards, jeans, t shirts, bandanas all 50% off
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  2. avatar aaronrossi
    That is a shame!!!
  3. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Thats a real shame Jacqui...hope things work out!
  4. avatar confetti
    it is a bit of a shame but Lisburn is dying, I am not the only one to go this month, and there are a few more that are really struggling. The online shop is going to continue and hopefully the t shirt printing, but not sure just yet.
  5. avatar confetti
    It looks like we will be able to continue the tshirt printing, the online shop and the embroidery. So the only thing going will be the bricks and mortar shop in Lisburn.
  6. avatar Persistence
    Sorry to hear Jacqui, wish I could do something to help...

    I feel a little guilty for not spending more time in Lisburn, but what is there to stay for? There'll be one less reason now :(
  7. avatar confetti
    ah no problem, Lisburn is dying, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. You were always a great customer when you were in Lisburn and one of the nicest. :D

    Hopefully Lisburn can't get any worse.
  8. avatar confetti
    I have a few stands for sale, might be of use to someone, clothes racks, mug stand, magazine stand, card/sticker/postcard stand. Rack for cigarette tins or jewellery, hat stand, coat hangers, glass case for jewellery.

    Probably best to call in and see them but if anyone is interested in anything let me know and I will email photos. Going to put them on ebay soon but thought there might be someone on here might need them.
  9. avatar confetti
    just a few more days to grab yourselves some bargains.

    Still got some body jewellery left at silly prices.