1. avatar lateralus
    Specialized P.1 Dirt Jump Bicycle For Sale - WORTH 300- Here are the full specs:

    Specialized P.1 Frame, Size: Long. Tubing: All enhanced double butted aluminium. Frame measurements - Headtube: 69.5, Seatube: 72, Toptube: 22.5, BB: 11.8, Chainstay: 16.3-16.5.

    Roller Tyres (26x2.30), 30tpi casing/wire bead
    DitchWitch rims (D321 Disc)
    Hayes Mx2 Disc Brakes
    TruVativ Hussefelt Bars (Triple-Butted AL-66)
    Yeti Grips
    Marzocchi Frontguard
    Marzocchi Bomber 03 Forks
    Demolition Seat
    Magnum Lock (Very secure) with 2 keys.
    Gears: Single-speed (i.e. one gear, it's a dirt jump bike)

    This bike is in excellent condition and I'll be sorry to see it go. I'm going travelling in the summer and am having a clear-out.

    Contact: mjamison8@googlemail.com/07515915362

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  2. avatar The Donk
    Hiya. you might have better luck shifting this locally if you post it in the classifieds section of www.mtbrider.com.
  3. avatar davemckevitt
    100 quid?
  4. avatar lateralus
    Bump, now down to 250.
  5. avatar dead_presidents_drummer
    I will give you 200 quid today? My number is 07927068999 if you wanna call me, cheers