1. avatar escapefails
    Tama HP200 Single kick pedal - still boxed, but opened
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  2. avatar escapefails
    added new item :-D
  3. avatar escapefails
  4. avatar THE SCYTHE
    Hi could you tell me if the snare is still available and where your based?
  5. avatar escapefails
    whoops - only noticed this now! everything still for sale; based just north of Belfast
  6. avatar BobbyBlast
    i want the spash cymbal and the cb boom cymbal stand
  7. avatar escapefails
    aax china added
  8. avatar kagjav
    Hey, I see a 14" dark crash there... how much is that one? Is it still available?
  9. avatar kieranx1
    PM you there
  10. avatar escapefails
    China sold - just pedal and snare left.
  11. avatar Geordie_Da
    I'll give you 35 for the snare if it's in decent condition.

    Let me know: sjggraham@hotmail.com
  12. avatar escapefails
    snare sold - just the pedal left now