1. avatar kimbarclay
    This week, [b:44101a0e7e]ASKIM[/b:44101a0e7e] brings you the special little package that is [b:44101a0e7e]Chipzel[/b:44101a0e7e].
    Get down early to check out her unique style of music.
    [b:44101a0e7e]Tuesday 14 April, Menagerie Bar[/b:44101a0e7e], University Avenue.
    Doors are at 8.00pm this week to squeeze us all in, because for 3 you get [b:44101a0e7e]Jim Harte, FAUX, Ryan Dallas[/b:44101a0e7e] and [b:44101a0e7e]Kim Barclay PLUS Chipzel[/b:44101a0e7e] nestled nicely in the middle.
    [b:44101a0e7e]Drink promos a-plenty![/b:44101a0e7e]
  2. avatar flmcasey
    chipzel was unreal! those gameboy bleeps have been ringing in my ears since last night, hahaha!