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    [b:772da5dd9a][size=18:772da5dd9a]|| dB6 Festival [digital belfast 6][/size:772da5dd9a]

    20th April - 3rd May[/b:772da5dd9a]
    This year the Digital Arts Studios is 6 years old and we will be holding 2 weeks of events in April to celebrate. Workshops and events focus on sound one week, and video the second week with artists coming from as far as Berlin and L.A.
    The Workshops, events and talk will take place at the Digital Arts Studios, and there will also be evening events at Catalyst Arts and Brown & Bri.

    Due to overwhelming interest, places are already almost all taken for both workshops. Those interested in taking part in any of the workshops or events should email events@digitalartsstudios.com or phone 028 90312900.
    Digital Arts Studios, 37-39 Queen Street, Belfast. BT1 6EA.
    [b:772da5dd9a]FESTIVAL OVERVIEW with details below:[/b:772da5dd9a][/u:772da5dd9a]

    [b:772da5dd9a]Neanderthal Electronics Workshop with Derek Holzer (Berlin)
    20-24 April 2009

    Derek Holzer, Eisberg & Resnick and Neanderthal Electronics Workshop Participants
    Saturday, 25 April 2009 at Catalyst Arts

    Creative Filmmaking with Ben Jones
    28th - 30th April 2009

    Digital Arts Studios Archive Work
    Friday 1st May 2009 at Brown & Bri

    Daedelus (Ninja Tune - L.A.) Talk
    Sunday 3rd May 2009

    Neanderthal Electronics Workshop with Derek Holzer (Berlin)
    20-24 April 2009
    10am - 4pm[/b:772da5dd9a]

    More than 40,000 years ago, our Neanderthal predecessors invented the first music instruments from simple objects around them (bones and stones, sticks and skins...), without reference to any existing music history, and primarily for their own pleasure rather than that of others.

    Nowadays, we use complex audio hardware and software which make it "easier" to make music, so long as we channel our creativity into such socially acceptable avenues as Western Classical or Minimal Techno. As with any established genre, the results are often completely predictable, and therefore quite boring.

    But some of us, deep in our wild hearts, still long for the Stone Age simplicity of pure noise!

    This 5 day workshop is designed for 8-10 people, possibly with a background in sound, but with no previous electronics experience. They are shown how to use simple objects from our modern environment (resistors, capacitors, transistors, LEDs, integrated circuit chips...) to design and build their own personal, customized primitive noise synthesizers.

    Derek Holzer is an American sound artist living in Berlin, whose current interests include DIY analog electronics, live sound performance, sound art, field recording and the meeting points of electroacoustic, improv and heavy metal music. He has played live experimental sound as Macumbista or Derek Holzer--as well as taught workshops in Pure Data and electronics--across Europe, North America, Brazil and New Zealand.

    Derek Holzer, Eisberg & Resnick, Neanderthal Electronics Workshop Participants
    Saturday, 25 April 2009 at Catalyst Arts
    9pm til late.
    BYO. £5 donations welcome to support Catalyst Arts.[/b:772da5dd9a]

    Derek Holzer will be performing his TONEWHEELS concert. Support from Eisberg & Resnick, and the SARC collective and participant's of Derek's workshop will present their hand crafted synthesizers.

    TONEWHEELS is an experiment in converting graphical imagery to sound,
    inspired by some of the pioneering 20th Century electronic music inventions.
    Transparent tonewheels with repeating patterns are spun over light-sensitive
    electronic circuitry to produce sound and light pulsations and textures, while
    projected graphical loops and textures add richness to the visual environment.

    [b:772da5dd9a]Creative Filmmaking with Ben Jones
    28th - 30th April 2009
    10am - 4pm[/b:772da5dd9a]

    This 3 day workshop will appeal to beginner or experienced filmmakers who are interested in music video creation.
    During the workshop we will look at contemporary and experimental approaches to music videos, low budget filmmaking options as well as filmmaking and editing skills.
    Participants will spend the 3 days writing, producing, filming and editing a music video within a collaborative group process using digital video cameras, stills cameras and digital editing equipment.
    No experience is nessacary, training will be provided on all equipment.

    Ben Jones is a filmmaker based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    In 2001 he established Hooptedoodle Films as a production company specialising in documentary, commercial and short films.
    His background in stills photography led him to documentary via the Millenium awarded project ‘Turning the Tide’ documentary, broadcast in 2004.
    Recent projects include a series of short documentaries for Channel Four/Doubleband films and the feature documentary ‘Prods & Pom-Poms’


    Creative Filmmaking Workshop & Digital Arts Studios Archive Work
    Friday 1st May 2009

    The final work from Ben Jones workshop will be screened at Brown & Bri, along with video work from the DIgital Arts Studios archive over the past 6 years.
    9-11 Lombard Street.

    Daedelus (Ninja Tune - L.A.) Talk
    Sunday 3rd May 2009[/b:772da5dd9a]

    Alfred Darlington (aka Daedelus) isn’t your average cookie-cutter musician. From how he looks (early Victorian Dandism), to how he makes music, to how he expresses himself and views the world, his is a very individual, a ‘bespoke’ outlook.

    Daedelus was asked to test out an early prototype of the Monome box. "It’s a Non-traditional electronic instrument,” Daedelus explains. “Basically it allows for massive improvisation." Since then Daedelus has continued to use this revolutionary box, bringing much genuine liveness to the sometimes static world of performed electronic/dance music.

    Alfred will be on hand for a short talk/workshop during the day all inquires should be directed to info@rudimentaryrecords.com or events@digitalartsstudios.com

    [b:772da5dd9a]Daedelus will perform the same evening in association with Rudimentary.
    Support from Men In Speedos and Rudimentary Dj's.
    Black Box
    £6 advance, £8 on the door.[/b:772da5dd9a]
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    Eisberg & Resnick is me and jonnyashe; we are playing tonight