1. avatar bubblegumpanic
    I'm selling a Dean Hardtail Standard, Brazilliaburst. It's in perfect condition apart from a minor chip on the top headstock (cosmetic damage), which can be seen in the picture below. I have also replaced the horrible volume and tone control knobs with regular black ones.

    This guitar also has a coil tapping feature so you can turn your humbuckers into single coils, for anyone interested in that kind of thing.

    The guitar has a set neck and the body and neck itself are made of Mahogany.




    - Slight chip on headstock. Very small.



    I'm looking for around 250 or nearest offer. Reason for selling? Not really interested in it anymore. I have a Charvel that needs to be fixed up.

    Send me a PM if you're interested. I'm based in Belfast and I'm not willing to travel, just to let you know. Sorry.