1. avatar Aeorta
    I hope this isn't reverse-Delboy, it's just that seeing someone get a Microkorg for 160 this way still haunts me... Anyway:

    Line 6 Verbzilla
    Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer (or similiar/better; suggestions welcome, but my budget probably stretches as far as an MXR Dyna Comp)
    Edirol MA-15D
    Any cheap mixer (doesn't have to be fully working, just enough to make a fun no-input desk)

    That's all I'm specifically hoping to find second hand, but on the off-chance that anyone has grown tired of their Monome/NanoKontrol/NanoKey/LSDJ+MIDI interface/DS-10/R4DS+GlitchDS etc. any of those would be lovely as well! Pedals, synths, unusual instruments, percussion instruments, toys ripe for circuit-bending, anything electronic, anything fun. If you're reading this in the hope of selling something you might as well PM me - I don't expect to find everything I'm after, so I'll probably have some cash left for anything interesting.

    Eagerly awaiting any PMs. :D