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    INTERROGATE - www.myspace.com/interrogate

    TRIGGERMAN - www.myspace.co/triggermanrocks

    NO GRACE GIVEN - www.myspace.com/nogracegiven

    PLUS the Jagermeister girls, Raffles AND...

    POLE DANCERS - courtesy of Polercise Ireland (including the Irish Pole Dancing Champion!)

    Doors: 5pm Admission: 5 (Music until 9pm)

    *There will be a bus running from Cookstown also picking up in Magherafelt and Castledawson.

    Anyone wanting a bus ticket email me at: interrogater@hotmail.com
    Bus tickets are priced 8
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    We have a limited run of our Internecine demo on CD, which we will be selling at the Limelight on 30th May! We're on with Interrogate and Triggerman. DO NOT MISS THIS GIG IF YOU'RE INTO METAL/POLE DANCERS!! :twisted:
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    Like the man says...If you love METAL, Jaigmeister, Beer & Pole Dancers DO NOT MISS THIS! Will be one hell of an evening!
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