1. avatar deadonmusic

    Next up in the 'Legends' series of gigs deadonmusic are proud to present 'Tangled Up In Blues' - an evening of music inspired by American singer-songwriter, author, poet, and painter, who has been a major figure in popular music for five decades, Bob Dylan.

    Friday 24th April 2009

    McHugh's Bar, Queen's Square, Belfast

    - Eskimos Fall
    - Cara Cowan
    - Paul Tully

    If you want to guarantee your place down the front we recommend buying a ticket in advance which will be on sale in McHughs Bar in Belfast.


  2. avatar TuppenyNudger
    This is gonna be a fantastic gig if tonights 'Country Club' is anything to go by! Any confirmation of stage times?
  3. avatar thesneakybandit
    No idea about stage times, sorry.

    Andy's running the show tonight.

    I'll be DJing between the acts and up until 1am as usual.

    Will anyone cry "Judas" if I play anything from the electric period?
  4. avatar deadonmusic

    Andy's running the show tonight.


    You know it brother! :D

    Times are as follows:

    Cara Cowan 9.45pm
    Paul Tully 10:15pm
    Eskimos Fall 11:00pm

    All times are approximate.

    This is gonna be great make sure you get down early!