1. avatar merten_4_mcguffin

    where, o where is Foy Vance?
  2. avatar fastfude
    [quote:1cf9468287]Our panel of four music journalists (Jim Carroll, Tony Clayton-Lea, Sinéad Gleeson and Lauren Murphy) each worked independently and, without conferring, submitted a list of their Top 50 Irish Acts Right Now. Each judge's number 1 was awarded 50 points, number 2 was awarded 49 points and so on.[/quote:1cf9468287]

    It's the aggregate opinion of four people, or in other words: meh.

    Can we stop having 'top [i:1cf9468287]n[/i:1cf9468287]' lists now? They are not definitive, authoritative, useful, representative or fair.
  3. avatar Team Horse
    This list is a load of old cock. David Holmes? Does anyone know how much this chancer actually does in the studio?

    Is his musical output that great?

    And Neil Hannon to be remembered in the same way as Scott Walker? Nah...
  4. avatar JTM
    If you aren't aware of Nialler9, then he did a [url=http://www.nialler9.com/2009/04/03/my-50-best-irish-music-acts-right-now/]similar but much better article[/url].
  5. avatar Steven Dedalus
    [quote:208dacd369="Team Horse"]This list is a load of old cock. David Holmes? Does anyone know how much this chancer actually does in the studio?


    To be fair, "The Holy Pictures" was an absolute belter of an album.
  6. avatar sketchy
    it's not a list i've much time for, tho i won't be losing any sleep over it....

    however, david holmes and the divine comedy deserve everything the get - for me they are the two most musically talanted people to come out of northern ireland...ever.

  7. avatar Reckoner
    I shed a tear when I saw the inclusion of The Script.
  8. avatar fastfude
    Their use of a superlative like 'best' is a bad idea from the off. What is 'best' anyway?

    If it was billed as the 4 judges' opinion of 'best' then fine, I disagree with their choices, as will almost everybody over the course of a 50-strong list.

    But when it's just '[i:126e7d4d14]the best'[/i:126e7d4d14] as if there's a stone-tablet definitive version that overrides everyone's personal and individual taste and preferences, it deserves a healthy dose of contempt.

    So long as you continue to explore music new and old, your personal ever-changing and evolving taste is all that matters. Music journos have an important role in helping people with that discovery process and shouldn't be wasting time on pointless ranking and ordering.

    Lists are balls. Say it with me.

  9. avatar Nocarsgo
    Where, indeed, is ASIWYFA? Surely they qualify?
  10. avatar fastfude
    No they don't, because it's just the opinion of 4 music journalists and for whatever random reason they didn't pick ASIWYFA.

    Ergo lists are balls. I rest my ducks.
  11. avatar Nocarsgo
    Fair enough. :-D
  12. avatar I'mDead
    From the smallprint:

    Each panellist was asked to disclose any personal acquaintances. Lauren Murphy knows a member of Evil Harrisons. Sinéad Gleeson is personally acquainted with Adrian Crowley and David Turpin, and is married to a member of Halfset.
    What can you do? It's a small country."

    Can we have 'The Sh1ttest List in Ireland Right Now' list?
  13. avatar Crackity_jones
    It's a poor list with some astonishing omissions, and not just from NI - where were Adebisi Shank, Giveamanakick and BATS, for example?

    Good to see Holmes up top though. The Holy Pictures is indeed superb.
  14. avatar Amz
    [quote:7a678c971b="JTM"]If you aren't aware of Nialler9, then he did a [url=http://www.nialler9.com/2009/04/03/my-50-best-irish-music-acts-right-now/]similar but much better article[/url].[/quote:7a678c971b]

    Here's the link (alphabetic order):

  15. avatar I'mDead
    "It's a poor list with some astonishing omissions.."

    I very much agree. Where were 'The Answer' and why were 'Ash' and 'The Divine Comedy' listed as hot 'right now' - is it 1994?