1. avatar Shanghai 5
    Wednesday 8th April - Lavery's Bunker - Early show
    Doors at 8
    3 in, includes entry to club after band

    [i]".....Patiosounds come motoring straight at us, the track pulsating with menace, picking up the pace, drums and guitars committed to the collision. It's an exhilarating opening to the Belfast based band's new EP. 'Under Dead Horses', five tracks teeming with imagination...." [/i]
    (Francis Jones, Alternative Ulster)

    [i]".....If you feel you haven't had enough Patiosounds in your life this year, you would be right. Gone is the wide-eyed innocence of previous efforts. They now have a darker, multi-layered, more interesting sound...." [/i]
    (Donna Legge , GO )
    The Poor Mouth
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  2. avatar confetti
    is that the poormouth from years ago, or is it a new band same name?
  3. avatar Shanghai 5
    It is a new band with the same name. I don't know the original band, but these guys are Dublin based, they write great tunes and have a great singer. They're definitely worth checking out.
  4. avatar Shanghai 5
    Stage times for Wednesday night:
    Doors at 8.

    9:00 The Poor Mouth.

    9:45 Patiosounds.

    Come down for an early pint and some tunes.
  5. avatar Ben McAuley
    Both of these bands write incredibly good songs. I don't think the poor mouth have played here before. Really looking forward to seeing them.
  6. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    should be a great night cant wait!
  7. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    Unfortunately i only heard one tune of the poor mouth which sounded promising!

    Patiosounds were excellent!