1. avatar marlowe
    Extra Date added to sell out show at Belfast Film Festival


    “Flesh! Flesh! I luve ye, but we hiv anely fowerteen oors to sauf the earth!”

    When Emperor Wang, leader of the planet Porno, fires his “Sex-Ray” towards Earth, turning the inhabitants into sex-mad nymphomaniacs, only one man can save the day. Flesh Gordon, with the help of his trusty side kick Professor Flexi-Jerkoff and the beautiful Dale Ardent set off in their Penis-ship to stop the evil Emperor Wang and save the Earth.

    Join our resident voiceover artists and dissident Ulster Scot speakers, brothers Roger and Phil McCrackin, and the beautiful Fanny Flood as we deliver to you this cult classic of adult cinema like you’ve never seen it before. An evening of titillation is ensured as this crack team of linguists get to work deciphering the text from the infuriatingly intricate English language in which it was written, translating it for you live into the lyrical and unadorned Ulster Scotch we all know and love.

    Tickets £7
    Doors 8pm

    Contact Peter at marlowecanning@hotmail.co.uk for ticket reservation
  2. avatar remaderyan
    I went to see this last night.

    Very good. very funny indeed.
  3. avatar marlowe
  4. avatar nalo
    I am there. Heard this was hilarious on Thursday!