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    This month, we are proud to present [b]The North-West Takeover[/b] – three of the most exciting new bands from the scene that spawned [b]ASIWYFA, Panama Kings[/b] and [b]Ed Zealous[/b]. As ever, the Ball Room plays host to [b]OMGWTFDISCO[/b], with [b]FAUX DJs[/b] manning the decks. The Bunker Club will continue to be the staple of Lavery’s, with [b]Gregz McCann[/b] guaranteeing enough dancefloor action to fell an elephant. The times will be good.

    [b][size=24]CLUB AU PRESENTS THE NORTH-WEST TAKEOVER[/size][/b]:
    In the Attic:[/i]
    [size=24][b]Team Fresh[/b][/size]
    [size=18][b]Strait Laces[/b][/size]
    [size=18][b]Axis Of[/b][/size]

    [i]In the Ball Room:[/i]
    Feat. [b]FAUX. DJs[/b]

    [i]In the Bunker:[/i]
    [b]GREGZ MCCANN[/b]

    [b]SATURDAY APRIL 18[/b]
    DOORS 10PM, ADM £5

    [b]TEAM FRESH[/b]
    If And So I Watch You From Afar bring the noise, then Team Fresh are their fun-loving, hip-hopping counterparts. Featuring ASIWYFA’s Rory Friers on guitar, Panama Kings’ Niall Kennedy on drums and bassist Simon Crowe, together they are a Bostik-tight hip-hop/rock party machine, fronted by the Buckfast-fuelled rhymes of Donkey (ex-Zombie Safari Park), film-maker Slaine Browne and Dunbar. Take cover.

    [b]STRAIT LACES[/b]
    The latest off the north coast’s indie rock production line, Strait Laces follow in the footsteps of Ed Zealous and the Panama Kings by peddling pitch-perfect pop music with plenty of lyrical bite. If the Arctic Monkeys grew up in a small town beside the Atlantic, this is how they would sound. Plus, they namecheck AU in one of their new songs, so, y’know, ace.

    [b]AXIS OF[/b]
    First off, this bunch of precocious punks will be kicking up a stink with their ferociously intelligent protest punk. They’ve immersed themselves in leftist and green ideas and the lyrics of The Clash and Minor Threat, sure, but they are as much about actions as words. As they put it themselves, “We want to play so fast that the world starts turning backwards.”
    For more information or to arrange interviews contact Kim Barclay at the AU Office on 028 9032 4455 or via kim@iheartau.com. [size=12][/size][size=12][/size]
  2. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    OH YEAH!
    This is gonna be proper good.
  3. avatar Poo-Tang
    Dont forget about DJ Chops lol
  4. avatar JonnyTiernan
    I'm looking forward to this.

    Is that classified as a bump? Are we allowed to bump threads the day before the show? This thread hasn't been bumped yet, so I thought a wee bump would be fine. If I keep saying bump, does that desensitize it and make everything ok?
  5. avatar jenniemcc
    Stage times anyone?
  6. avatar JonnyTiernan
    Axis Of: 10.45pm
    Strait Laces: 11.30pm
    Team Fresh: 12.15am
  7. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Really really enjoyed this. Team Fresh kicked ass as usual, but was really impressed with the Axis Of lads. This might have been their best gig ever and if it wasn't it defo was up there. Mark was also very pleased and said that besides McLaughlin's gigs the cheers they got last night were the loudest.
  8. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Nice one!

    There should definately be a LISBURN TAKEOVER!

    I can see it now,

    The Postbox Theory
    The Runaway Bears

    Who wouldnt want to go??