1. avatar citizensnips
    My first post!
    New E.P songs now uploaded

    Check them out at


    The songs are available for free download so if you wish to have them, just go to our latest blog and there is a link to the page!!

    Recorded with Bo Sheppard (asiwyfa etc etc)just under a month ago......so its all gravy babay

    www. myspace. com/shipwreckedstudio

    EP Launch
    The Inn
    Catherine Street

    Free CD to everyone

    Doors 9.30pm

    Fee 1


  2. avatar Stevie Mac
    I have no idea who you are or what you do, but I take my hat off to anyone who names their band after a 2-second throwaway Futurama gag.
  3. avatar andyzsp
    why don't you download the free tracks then you will know what they do?