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    [b:eb2373de06]Music at Common Grounds 2007-2008[/b:eb2373de06]

    The music nights at Common Grounds are now a well established part of the music scene in Belfast, with around 75 acts gracing us with their music on Friday evenings over the last year. The ‘play for food’ system really seems to work as many acts keep coming back for more.

    We are also pleased to note that some of the acts we have recently featured are starting to get a much higher profile, with many getting airplay on BBC Radio One, and bands such as Captain Kennedy and the Vals getting television coverage. Laura Stevenson is recording her first album, and a number of acts, such as Stevie Mac, Boathouse and Heliopause have released e.ps. We have been receiving regular requests for gigs from acts based in England and America, and we are currently working on a system to enable the café to open for paid music performances on Saturday nights for those travelling from further afield.

    The café events team has expanded over the last while, and is now comprised of Karen Smyth (Café Director and events co-ordinator), Damian McCann (sound) and Helen Briggs (support). Elizabeth McGeown has also recently agreed to come on board to help with PR, which we are all really pleased about!

    Our heartfelt thanks go to the following - and our apologies if we have missed anyone out:

    John D'Arcy + The Minority + Amy McGarrigle + Red Pony + Laura Stevenson + The Hellfire Club + Steve McCann + Jackson Cage + Tinpot Anto + Simsie + Gentry Morris + Ruby Colley + Eve Williams + Pete Murray + Oxjam + Cava + Gerry Jones + Rachel Austin + RL/VL + The Perks + Dolbro Dan+ Ludwig O'Neill + General Fiasco + Richie Anderson + Charly Bates + The Limiters + Dee Brady + David McCann + Steven McClintock + Tanya Strowger and the Whisky Princes + Robyn G Shiels + Serpentine Smile + Boathouse + Gerard McCartan + Ben Glover + Paula McAleese + Confessions of a critic + Kitty and the Can Openers + Steven Dedalus + The Flamingo Brothers + Dave Mitchell + Stevie Mac + Captain Kennedy + Emer O'Neill + Mary’s Great Idea + Queer Giraffes + Desert Rain + David McCann + Declan Doherty + The Window Seats + Stephen Duffin + Eskimos Fall + Daveit Ferris + Albrecht's Pencil + Savannah Sky + Ruth McGonagle + Duchampions + Stevie McKnight + Eilidh Patterson + Joby Fox + Andy McClenaghan and Steve Toner + Sines + Mark Mooney + Stephen McCorry + Sparks Fly + Maguire & I + Robert Holmes + Kagura+ Fionnuala Fagen + Colin Tufts + John Lindsay Band + Jude McCaffrey + Richard Higginson + Matt Regan + John Shelly and the Creatures +The Corncrakes + Dominic O'Neill + Heliopause

    It never ceases to amaze us the effort that our music acts go to for Common Grounds and the café charities - with some even playing in fancy dress!

    This year thanks to our lovely customers and music acts, Common Grounds has managed to raise the following:

    [b:eb2373de06]Children In Crossfire August 2007 – October 2007[/b:eb2373de06]
    This charity exists to make a significant and lasting contribution towards the eradication of poverty by giving children around the world, the chance to choose a better future.
    [b:eb2373de06]£200 from Music nights + £1200 profit share[/b:eb2373de06]

    [b:eb2373de06]Habitat for Humanity November 2007 – Jan 2008 [/b:eb2373de06]
    Habitat for Humanity has built more than 230,000 simple, decent homes in over 90 countries; housing more than 1 million people. Every one of them is built with the homeowner’s own hands. Every time Habitat helps someone build their own home, they strengthen a community and build hope for the future.
    [b:eb2373de06]£290 from music nights + £1200 profit share[/b:eb2373de06]

    [b:eb2373de06]DePaul Trust Feb- April 2008 [/b:eb2373de06]
    This was the first local charity we choose to support .We were all so impressed by the work of the Trust and the contacts that had already been established both with the café and City Church it made sense to us to select De Paul Trust as one of our charities. DePaul Trust aims to offer homeless and disadvantaged people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and make positive informed choices about their future. Established in Dublin in 2002 and in Belfast in 2005, the trust works with over 150 individuals and families in the community each year, providing both an accommodation service for long term street drinkers and training and employment services for young people.
    [b:eb2373de06]£200 from music nights + £1200 profit share[/b:eb2373de06]

    [b:eb2373de06]Abaana May- July 2008[/b:eb2373de06]
    This locally based charity works in Uganda offering homes to street children, building schools and providing water wells. We were very impressed by the help that Abaana offered us when we chose them as one of our selected charities. Thank you for the information you provided for each table in the café, we know that our customers really appreciated learning more about where their money was going. We intend to encourage all other charities to follow your lead.
    [b:eb2373de06]£200 from music nights + £1200 profit share[/b:eb2373de06]

    Profits are down a bit this year due to rises in energy prices and a mega rates bill, but since opening, Common Grounds has raised over £30,000 for charities across the world. This would not have been possible without your help.
    Thank you!

    The Common Grounds Cafe Directors
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  2. avatar Daveitferris
    That's an Insane amount for charity!
    well done!
  3. avatar Stevie Mac
    Always a pleasure :)

    Great result for the charities
  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Quality! Some amount of money raised right enough. Fair play Karen!
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    Well played, that's a fantastic achievement. :)
  6. avatar belezabaub
    That really is very impressive. It is great to see something like that happening in Belfast.
  7. avatar sparta1983
    My first post!
    That's brilliant, well done. Such a fun gig to play :D
  8. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Great times, and hopefully many more to come!

    (even though I may have been the single worst performer to have ever graced the stage)
  9. avatar rentaghost
    Steven, i can confirm that you were not the worst - by quite a margin. Seriously.
  10. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Dear lord....
  11. avatar rentaghost
    i know.
    I keep a miniature bottle of gin in my bag for these kinds of emergencies.

    Thankfully most of our acts are absolutely mega.
  12. avatar Beau Sooth
    Great stuff! Congratulations on such good work. :D
  13. avatar rentaghost
    A picture of Boathouse is featured in our annual report.
    Hope you don't mind :)
    Its the one with the santa hats.
  14. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:df0762d884="rentaghost"]A picture of Boathouse is featured in our annual report.
    Hope you don't mind :)
    Its the one with the santa hats.[/quote:df0762d884]One of mine, possibly? Photo, not Santa hat.
  15. avatar rentaghost
    That's the very one. Steve - you also get a thanks in the annual report.
  16. avatar rentaghost
    Apologies to Damian for getting his name wrong! He's only been with us for three years, like. You think I would know it by now.