1. avatar drive by fader
    Hey y'all!

    Cutaways play Club Destroid at the Spring + Airbrake on 20th November, with suport from The Benjamins. Hope you can make it!


  2. avatar JTM
  3. avatar drive by fader
    So that's next Thursday.
  4. avatar JTM

    We're [also] on tonight - Carlsberg and shots 1.50 each and free entry. Come for the booze, stay for the bands and sneaky mash-ups.
  5. avatar Cutaways
    Those are good deals! Fo sho!
  6. avatar *j
    stage times, y'all?
  7. avatar JTM
    Usually the first band starts any time between 10:20 and 10:45, second band is usually between 11:15 and 11:30
  8. avatar Amz
    Ach. I really wanna catch Not Squares next door too. :(
  9. avatar drive by fader
    Well, NS should be finishing at 11.30 and we should be going on at 11.30 so...do it! :)
  10. avatar JTM
    Yes, please do join us for a bit, it is free in after all!
  11. avatar Recycled Alien
    Some good radio play for Cutaways recently. Of course, I knew them when they were just little'uns.