1. avatar Steven Dedalus

    Alexis Petridis reviewing the Genesis box set (Gabriel era).

    I think it quite neatly sums up why I like prog rock, even though it is largely impossible to justify.

    For the defence:

    1. It's rarely boring. Even when you're listening to a long and particularly indulgent solo, you can still marvel as the brass balls it took to put that on the record and think that it was perfectly acceptable.

    2. It's frequently brilliant. Every so often, there comes a song (or part of a song) that is just pure genius. There's a guitar solo at the end of 'Gates of Delirium' by Yes which is amazing, and possibly the best guitar solo ever done (even though I don't like guitar solos).

    3. The ludicrous nature of the songs is consistently amusing. Peter Gabriel dressed as the Slipperman (Petridis describes him as an alien with an inflatable penis, I described him in AU as a prog haemorrhoid) is great. I don't know why he did it, but the world should be thankful that he did.

    4. Some of it is genuinely exhilarating. “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes explodes out of the speakers, with the bass and the guitar fighting each other to see who can be the most exciting. They both win.

    For the prosecution:

    1. There’s a lot of widdling.

    2. It’s a load of pretentious rubbish, with as much balls as a eunuch. (see “Lizard” by King Crimson for proof)

    3. Just because.

    To ease my conscience, I want to point out that I also like Black Flag.
  2. avatar Steven Dedalus
    After consideration, I have decided to post this picture of the Slipperman, just to prove how great it is.

  3. avatar Cugel
    I love Yes - particularly Close to the Edge, Fragile and Tales.

    Unfortunately I have seen "Yes - the Directors Cut" that is currently showing ad nauseum on Sky 260 - 5 hours of very sad, very old, very tired looking men. Sure they still play the classics pretty well, but they just look sad.

    I've The lamb lies down on broadway playing as I type - love Gabriel in Genesis as well as his solo stuff. Don't like the poppy Collins fronted stuff.

    King crimson are class - 21st Century Schizoid Man - wow.

    Recently discovered Gong - still getting to grips with that stuff.

    Of course prog is meandering and pretentious - but that was always kinda the point. It is those frequent flashes of brilliance that vindicate the whole genre.

    my 2p
  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Prog is simply fantastic. There are plenty of local bands who are inspired by prog, My own groups 'Tree' and 'The Jahm Band' for instance. It will always be loved. Music being pretentious is the most ridiculous excuse to dismiss a genre. It is downright fabulous and I will never get enough of it.

    ELP were the best though...
  5. avatar Danny McCormack
    Genesis with Gabriel aren't a patch on Jethro Tull. Their folk period (Songs From The Wood, Stormwatch, Heavy Horses) is simply superb. I never get tired of listening to those albums! Also, Thick As A Brick is surely one of the defining progressive rock albums. Marvellous.
  6. avatar Jimmy Seagus

    Mmmmmmm, grrreat!

    Nah, it's pish, as I remind my Genesis worshipping friend on a regular basis.
    And lest we forget, Phil [i:4738a82617]'Fucking'[/i:4738a82617] Collins was a member of Genesis, and speaking of members, may they choke for eternity on Satan's scaly one.

    I mean, for fuck's sake...


    ..is this what we fought the Mods for? :P
  7. avatar greensleevesisgod
    There is nothing wrong with that! I only use 3 keyboards live. I do wish I could cart around 10 or so but it's just not possible. He's lucky. It's just the guitarists equivalent to loads of effects pedals!
  8. avatar Jimmy Seagus
    Pretentious trousers, though.

    I once saw a clip of Wakeman dressed as a wizard playing eight keyboards simultaneously as musical accompaniment to what looked like an opera on ice.
    You have to say that's superb, don't know if I could stick more than a few minutes of it though, but superb nonetheless.

    For exhibit 'A' in my own prosecution I wish to admit that I quite like this...

  9. avatar The enfant terrible
    I'm not the biggest fan of prog either, but I suppose it keeps them off the streets.