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    [size=18:6ef6df852b]BIFFY CLYRO[/size:6ef6df852b]
    Making sense of their incredible year

    [size=18:6ef6df852b]OF MONTREAL[/size:6ef6df852b]
    Kevin Barnes on sex, creating a legacy and a black she-male called Georgie Fruit

    [b:6ef6df852b]DUKE SPECIAL[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Waltzing to the end of love

    [b:6ef6df852b]FRIGHTENED RABBIT[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Breaking up and putting it all back together again

    [b:6ef6df852b]PAT MILLS[/b:6ef6df852b]
    The future is pow!

    [b:6ef6df852b]JAY REATARD[/b:6ef6df852b]
    The gutterpunk prize fighter comes out swinging

    [b:6ef6df852b]COLD WAR KIDS[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Mutually assured quality

    [b:6ef6df852b]THE SCENE IN… ICELAND[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Molten rawk from the north Atlantic

    [b:6ef6df852b]ROUGH TRADE AT 30[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Jarvis Cocker on the legendary label


    [b:6ef6df852b]History Lessons:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Mercury Rev – psychedelic survivors

    The Tipper Sticker – purifying young minds. Or not.

    [b:6ef6df852b]A To Z of Cock Ups:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Check out their gaffes

    [b:6ef6df852b]Respect Your Shelf:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    The connoisseur’s guide to the gangster movies

    [b:6ef6df852b]Studio Profile:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Belfast box of tricks Start Together

    [b:6ef6df852b]Classic Album:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches by the Happy Mondays

    [b:6ef6df852b]Splice Up Your Life:[/b:6ef6df852b]
    Scouting For Girls Go Scouting For Girls and other failed pilots

    [b:6ef6df852b]Incoming:[/b:6ef6df852b] Cashier No.9 / Yo! Majesty / The Acorn
    [b:6ef6df852b]5 To 1:[/b:6ef6df852b] Made-up rockers / Old men who are cool
    [b:6ef6df852b]Ironic Iconic:[/b:6ef6df852b] Hugh Hefner
    [b:6ef6df852b]The Last Word:[/b:6ef6df852b] Nick Harmer of Death Cab For Cutie

    >ALBUMS: Fight Like Apes / Of Montreal / Los Campesinos! / Messiah J & The Expert / The Dears / Gang Gang Dance / Ash / Her Space Holiday / Lou Reed / Yo! Majesty / Steinski / The Decemberists / Hjaltalín / Bob Dylan / Belle and Sebastian

    >LIVE: Rage Against The Joyriders / The Answer / Oasis / Elbow / Holy Fuck / Iglu & Hartly / British Sea Power / In The City / Bon Iver / O’Death / Metronomy

    >UNSIGNED: Kitty and The Can Openers / Captain Kennedy / The Gorgeous Colours / Tapasia

    Games: Terrifying survival horror Dead Space
    Screen: David Fincher returns
    Comics: Up-and-coming superscribe Jason Aaron
    Books: John Lennon: The Life – biographer Philip Norman speaks
    Most Wanted: Gigs, films, games, arts, comics
    Back Of The Net: The funniest YouTube videos
    WeirdWideWeb: Story Of The Video feat. In Case Of Fire
    Get Your Clicks: Headphones
    In Pictures: Pics from Special Disco Versions @ The Button Factory, Dublin and Tilly And The Wall @ The Limelight, Belfast

    [b:6ef6df852b]WORD UPS:[/b:6ef6df852b] Los Campesinos! / Times New Viking / Death Cab For Cutie / Messiah J & The Expert / M83 / The Answer / Oasis / Escape Act / Halfset / Asobi Seksu / But wherefore art thou Ringo Starr?[/img]