1. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    ok so in order to try and buy a guitar head im clearing out some of my record collection i would prefer to sell this as a whole and would let them go for 150..pm or reply below...open to offers. all records are available.


    coloured/picture disc - 5
    black vinyl - 3

    soundgarden - spoonman (picture disc)
    the day i tried to live (picture disc)
    blow up the outside world (green vinyl)
    stone temple piolets - plush
    girls vs boys - sexy sam
    pearl jam - nothings as it seems (turquoise vinyl)
    paw - sleeping bag (red vinyl)
    sepultura - attitude
    mudhoney/gas huffer split-stupid asshole/knife manual
    mudhoney - let it slide (blue vinyl, pretty sure this was part of the sub pop singles club)
    white stripes- rag and bone (red vinyl)
    L7 - shove
    monster magnet - dopes to infinty (vinyl is shaped and dave wyndorfs face is printed on one side)
    wierd al yankovic - smells like nirvana


    L7 - smell the magic ep (red vinyl) 8

    [u:b874992f5c][i:b874992f5c][b:b874992f5c]12" singles[/b:b874992f5c][/i:b874992f5c][/u:b874992f5c]

    coloured vinyl/picture disc - 7
    black vinyl - 5

    pearl jam - go
    L7 - andres (green see thru vinyl)
    monster (picture disc)
    sonic youth - kool thing
    offspring- self esteem

    [u:b874992f5c][i:b874992f5c][b:b874992f5c]12" albums[/b:b874992f5c][/i:b874992f5c][/u:b874992f5c]

    coloured/picture disc/signed/gatefold - 15
    dk gimme death or conveinece -20
    black vinyl - 10

    therapy?- live in london 92 (bootleg good sound tho)
    troubegum (green vinyl)
    nurse (red vinyl)
    foo fighters - one by one (gatefold)
    dead kennedys - fresh fruit for rotting vegetables (signed by biafra)
    give me conveinece or give me death (include flexi disc and comic all in perfect condition)
    guns and roses - appetite for destruction (alternate cover)
    raging speedhorn - self titled (yellow vinyl signed by the full band)
    sonic youth - sister
    mudhoney - piece of cake
    alice in chains - tripod (gatefold)

    belfast based. could arrange shipping.

    im also selling a boss DN2 Dyna Drive pedal brand new in box..got it used it once and decided it wasnt right for me. id take 40 for it.
    heres the blurb

    An Overdrive Pedal that Reacts to You.
    The Boss DN-2 is an exciting new type of overdrive pedal that reacts to the intensity of your performance. This unique BOSS pedal comes equipped with the acclaimed Dyna Amp technology introduced in Roland's popular CUBE-60 amp, letting you create unique tone transitions based on picking dynamics. It's possible to get a transparent clean output sound by playing softly, or a powerful heavy overdrive sound by picking aggressively.

    Boss DN-2 Dyna Drive Overdrive Pedal Features:

    Provides dynamic transition between clean to heavy overdrive based on picking strength and/or guitar volume
    Acclaimed Dyna Amp technology derived from Roland's CUBE-60
    A unique way for guitarists to add expression to their performance
    Road tough BOSS metal construction

    also selling a Di mavery telecaster copy red with white scratch plate
    pics available at request
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  2. avatar Rory McConnell
    I'll take all the 12" albums off you except the T? Troublegum & Bootleg .....?
  3. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
  4. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
  5. avatar mrginger
    hello. Has this all been sold? would be keen on the sonic youths and pearl jam GO.
  6. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    no theyre still available.

    ill pm you my number here and we can arrange pick up.