1. avatar Moonshine
    Well, I need money for more pedals so here's 2 I'm setting off on their long journey.

    First off, a Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal, it's the CGB-95 pedal, great pedal, rarely used, never gigged and is in very good condition. A few scratches on the bottom but hey, who can prevent that? Sounds fantastic, really helps with the auld remenition of Voodoo Child :) 1/4 inch jack in/out, 1/8 inch AC 9V adapter in.


    Looking 40 ono

    Secondly, a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion. Again, rarely used, never gigged, immaculate apart from a few small scratches in one corner that I couldn't get in a picture. Basically a Circuit-bent mass-produced DS1 with a Turbo function, adds that extra juicy kick to your solos or face melting riffs. Used by Cobain himself, as well as a few others, Nails anything from Grunge to metalcore to Classic Rock.


    Looking 30 ono

    Will meet up in Belfast, greggreid@live.co.uk if you need any more info. Cheers
  2. avatar Moonshine
    Sorry everyone, both now sold.