1. avatar byrnet
    Up for sale is a Laney VC30 1x12 along with matching extension cab. This is a 30W class A valve amp much along the same lines as a Vox AC 30. Just the right volume to get the most out of a valve amp for practice, gigging and recording. Great sound too!

    There's two channels - clean and drive - and an effects loop. There's also the option of adding a footswitch (which i haven't bought) to change between these. Built in reverb too. You can check out the reviews at:


    Im only selling this as I also have a Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb and can't justify keeping both. I had originally almost sold this a few months ago, however a car accident (to myself) meant it never went through, so i'm offering this again.

    A quick google search shows that these go for around 320 new and the cab is 100 (420 total excl postage) so i'm looking for offers around 250.

    Gimme a shout if you're interested or have any questions. Email is tompb9@hotmail.com or call on 07855 921079.

  2. avatar Fergy628
    My first post!

    Is the ext cabinet 30 watt also??
    and have you any pics of the actual amp for sale?

  3. avatar pat - lwr
    if you relisted after christmas when i had cash i would buy!
  4. avatar littlemanbambam
    this still 4 sale?