1. avatar Stevie Mac
    Now, all praise to the city council for putting [url=http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/moretime/busk.asp]this event[/url] on, but I came home from my pitch today in a blue mood for the following reason; despite receiving a considerable amount of coinage, not [i:4367d00fb3]one[/i:4367d00fb3] person would stop a minute to vote for me. This I found perplexing at first; you like me enough to give me your money, but not your vote, which is free?

    I can only conclude that NI suffers from some kind of embarrasment complex - drive-by drop-ins are OK, but stop for a minute and risk becoming the centre of attention yourself, nooooo thank you. It was even more discouraging when parents of kids who were tugging at their coat-tails to get them to stop and listen for a bit were whisked away like I was some kind of dirty vagrant, when there was clearly a poster behind me and forms in front of me explaining what was going on. I even resorted to stopping playing midsong to ask people kindly for their vote, if they were giving me cash, and I couldn't have driven them away faster if I had said I was recruiting for Scientology.

    I can only surmise that this is some kind of British/continental Europe juxtaposition, as a fellow busker told me that a Slovakian guy stopped and talked to him for 20 mins.

    Now I'm not a regular busker, in fact it's only my second time, but if that's the general reception you get I can't really see myself doing it again.
  2. avatar The Grace Jones
    If you come bottom of whatever voting table type thing is involved, it suggests you might in fact just be shite and merely have earned pity money.

    However, this in itself is a viable market, and I will take you deep into it's own kung-fu in exchange for 20%.
  3. avatar goodonpaper
    You could vote? I darted past you today and waved, but didn't see anything about voting?
  4. avatar RabbBennett
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  5. avatar Redfin
    a couple of friends of mine were having the same problems with this as well today. People threw money in but didn't catch on to the whole voting thing. When they mentioned voting the money-putter-inners simply ran away. I tried explaining to a few and they looked at me like i was some sort of scheming busker-pimp. Although in fairness once they understood they did fill in the form.
  6. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    No one wants to give some big, scruffy, bearded, long haired, tinker in an ancient FWW t-shirt their name.
    If yer about the day I'll vote with a ton a fake names bud, Whaddya win? :wink:
  7. avatar fastfude
    What was the actual mechanism for voting? Did people need to fill in a form and hand it to you? Perhaps not the most impulsive method to engage passers-by.

    Not that I can think of a better one, mind you. Texting the artist name to a BCC number? Dunno.
  8. avatar Redfin
    the form had to be filled in with your name a phone number and a comment about the busker - it was hard enough to get passers-by to actually stop where they were going and fill in a form, but when it asked for a phone number too it put a few people off. I'm not sure how an alternative could be done that wouldn't allow for cheating though.
  9. avatar fastfude
    There more I think about it, a big sign beside you reading

    "How's my Busking? Text <_artist_name_> to <_12345_> to vote!"

    would be quite an effective one for passers-by, as it doesn't require much effort from them. Anyone know how expensive it is to run a text-collection service such as that?
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  10. avatar theavenue
    That's how N.Ireland is. If you had dj decks they'd maybe stop and vote for you.
  11. avatar nonlogic liam
    Years ago, and hidden in a traumatic yet forgotten memory, I entered the Busker Festival in Derry (around 1996). The day started well, as the people in the office (of the busking festival) were very nice and reassured me that buskers were very popular in Derry and that they would put me in a prime location in order to calm my nervousness about being mugged and so forth. Anyway, off we went to the front door of the Richmond centre (ironically there was a real life busker there who looked homeless and after some shouting between him and the organiser person, he promptly left). Thus began my highly irregular yet perplexing versions of classics such as 'We can work it out', 'Sweet Caroline' and other assorted hits from yester-year played along to a salsa beat (or some other awful 1996 keyboard backing track). Things seemed fine, old ladies were giving me cash and I amassed around 5.00 in half an hour. Then, on the dark-clouded horizon two toothless spides (I didn't know that term back then and just referred to them as council kids),with mannered walks that would put Liam Gallagher to shame came into view. I prayed to heaven to let them pass me by, but to no avail. There upon, these vulgar idiots began to taunt me. I took five minutes of abuse and then fled, almost in tears, back to the busking festival head quarters; told them I wanted a refund (the entrance fee was something like a 5), and as quickly as was possible located my mum and headed for the hills of Donegal adamant that one day I would return and show those council kids who was boss [this day has yet to come]...

    Meanwhile, the set up for that festival was that the judges would go around every contestant at random and judge them on how the public interacted with them, musical quality etc...
  12. avatar Stevie Mac
    [quote:736e120f1a="fastfude"]There more I think about it, a big sign beside you reading

    "How's my Busking? Text <_artist_name_> to <_12345_> to vote!"

    would be quite an effective one for passers-by, as it doesn't require much effort from them. Anyone know how expensive it is to run a text-collection service such as that?[/quote:736e120f1a]

    That's a great idea. Would be a lot simpler.
    Actually got some votes today, and met the Slovak guy for myself. Very nice gentleman.

    Abuse I'm glad to say has been non-existant, unless you count the wee scrote who dropped a napkin into my case to make me think it was a note.

    [quote:736e120f1a="boarsheadtaverncheapside"]No one wants to give some big, scruffy, bearded, long haired, tinker in an ancient FWW t-shirt their name[/quote:736e120f1a]

    I resent that sir. I wasn't even wearing my FWW shirt.

    Still wouldn't fancy doing this on a regular basis - it's warmer playing in pubs and cafes for a start.
  13. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Worse if you were ya in tha' one that looks like a Mister Pringles promo free-shirt from a distance, people mighta thought they'd get sent a load of free pringles guff.

    Also, chin up ole pal for this weekend we must build several mighty, psychotic, riffs and yer gonna wanna feel pissed off before ya play em, not twemblin wike a wittle weaf ffs :wink:
  14. avatar Christopher
    Were there any winners in the Belfast Busking Festival or were there so few votes that the event was a failure?
  15. avatar Dolbro Dan
    i think a schoolboy brought along his classmates to vote for him, and therefore got loads of votes and scooped the prize! public votes were the exceptation to the rule. ah well hate the game, not the playa!
  16. avatar doctorlilt
    hmmm I'd be happy enough with the cash.
  17. avatar Busk Til Dusk
    Hi everyone,

    I read your comments about last year's festival and as the organiser I would like to respond.

    First of all, this was the first time a busking festival was ever organised and was done on quite short notice. taking on board the comments from last year, the festival now has SMS voting and it begins next Wednesday. We also broke the festival down into categories to give everyone a fair go and judges will also be out for the Most Creative Performer Category.

    Regardless of whether the contestants win or not, we also got a lot of coverage and this year BBC NI will be filming the festival as part of a documentary on busking so there is a good chance you will get some exposure if nothing else.

    If you want to take part in the festival this year, please visit www.buskni.com or email me on m.corr@belfastcentre.com