1. avatar unplugged
    Anyone who can shed light on this before i shell out 120 for a HS Freesat box please!

    I moved home to an area where you cannot - i repeat cannot get - Freeview vai any sort of aerial.
    We are right at the foot of Black Mountain. i can even see those weird white letter banners people keep making on the mountain we are that close.
    The house did have sky. The dish is quite new and is still there and so is the cable coming to my TV, the previous owner fucked off with the panasonic skybox which of course is quite reasonable seeing they paid for it.

    Therefore, can i buy a Freesat HD box and use my sky dish for to pick it up? And does it make a difference that we couldnt get Freeview via a aerial? Sky is all over the place though were we live so i am thinkin it should be ok.

    Any advice? Oh also, can you get channel 5 on it? i didnt see it listed on the channel listing.


  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    You should be able to buy any Freesat box and plug it straight in to the Sky dish's cable. You won't need to pay for "installation" unless you're a complete dork, and I know you aren't.

    Lack of Freeview is not related, and Channel 5 is due on Freesat later this month (although who cares?).

    I've been reading up on it all, but I'll be a [i:8613f42564]real[/i:8613f42564] expert after this weekend when my huge dish and receiver arrive...
  3. avatar unplugged
    thanks speed :)
    much appreciated

    going to get a HD one to make most of my Logik 42" LCD

    :D :D :D :D :D

    i cant afford skys ridiculous rip aff prices. I have to afford other things like food and heat lol :lol:

    i dont care what anyone says....for a single fella with a mortgage times are getting fucking tough (despite mentioning i bought a 42" Tv above of course)
  4. avatar tenrabbits
    Freesat uses the same satellites as Sky - so if you have that, you can get freesat. The boxes available so far tend to be relatively expensive (in comparison to freeview units) but there are some good options out there -bear in mind you get SD and HD units, so make sure you get the right one!

    I personally recommend the Humax one (foxsat I think) as it's got a very quick menu (like sky) and is just generally nice to use.
  5. avatar unplugged
    is it this one tenrabbits?

    if so i just got it on the bay delivered for 99

  6. avatar feline1
    yeah, the mountain shouldn't get in the way of the FreeSat signal, because it is coming from a 'sat'(ellite) (You see what they did there? ;) Which is up in the sky in outerspace. And there's no mountains up in the sky, so you'll be safe, see?

    Now, once you've got it working, be sure and set the FreeSat decoder's output to "4:3" so that it crops the side off all widescreen material.
    And then set your widescreen TV to "automatically stretch 4:3 stuff to widescreen" so it's smeared out across the screen with no letterboxing.
    And set your audio to "stereo" rather than 5.1.
    And put all your 5.1 speakers on top of each other.

  7. avatar unplugged

    yeah i asked an aerial guy, we miss the reception totally yet 1000 yard away down the hill you can get freeview on west circular road.

    fuck it. i went with the humax freesat HD and it looks good.
  8. avatar tenrabbits
    [quote:a0af8cfd3c="unplugged"]is it this one tenrabbits?

    if so i just got it on the bay delivered for 99


    That's a good price! They're the best of the bunch so far - so enjoy! Only problem is that once you start watching telly in HD it's a bit depressing switching back to standard def, particularly the higher up channels (which have far less bandwidth).
  9. avatar abze
    Tune it up! [url]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270290038129&indexURL=[/url]