1. avatar The enfant terrible
    Here's a list of stuff for sale on my spring clean:

    1 Chipped Starbucks mug (stolen) - 15
    Jar of 2 and 1ps - 10
    half used can of fly and wasp spray - 12
    Video of a fat woman dancing in a nightclub - 8
    KGB Today (Paper back book) - 8
    Melted Candle (no wick) - 5
    Mills and Boon Postcard of a man and woman in a passionate embrace - 10
    Adult male leotard (slightly soiled) - 40
    Fake Blood (2 tubes) - 3 per tube.
    Bag of Monkeynut shells - 2
    Half eaten prittstick - 3.50

    PM me, can haggle with price but not too much.
  2. avatar Antisocialiser
    how fat is the fat woman dancing?
  3. avatar Redfin
    What is the ratio of Flies to Wasps in the Fly & Wasp Spray - in a standard 3 second burst would you spray out:

    A. More flies than wasps
    B. More wasps than flies
    C. An even number of flies and wasps
  4. avatar Danny Lynch
    shurely a candidate for post of the day... oh can there be a like competition for post of the day.. like most outrageous or just generally stupid thing.. doesnt have to be contentious or anything.. just something funny?
  5. avatar PhatBob
    I have 50 here to secure the leotard - I assume it is soiled by multiple males??