1. avatar TheStiffKitten
    Every wednesday @ The Stiff Kitten, w/ 'witty' compere Deci Gallen.

    Admission 5 per team, Max 6 People per team.

    Loads of Spot Prizes and Bonuses, including our rollover 10x10, arguably the toughest bonus round IN HISTORY.

    Selected drinks 2.

  2. avatar comprachio
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  3. avatar comprachio
    Quiz number 2 tonight!

    Come on down.

    I'll be DJing between rounds... expect lots of 1ndie moosic.
  4. avatar comprachio
    to clarify;

    The 10x10 is a bonus music round that doesn't affect the scores. Its 10 songs in 10 seconds. Its super hard.

    No one got it last week so the prize fund rolled over. 70 prize tonight for solving it!
  5. avatar comprachio
    Wee reminder for this!

    Its over early enough for anyone with 'school' the next day:)
  6. avatar The enfant terrible
    Do you have some sort of policy where people get disqualified for using internet phones?
  7. avatar comprachio
    not disqualified no as I reckon that is harsh but they lose points. No one in the room is allowed to use their phone while a round is happening. There is enough time between rounds for texting etc.

    So far I haven't noticed anyone cheating tbh - the layout of the bar makes it hard to get away with it

    10x10 has rolled over again - it's now at 110