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    Dont really have time to play anymore, so id prefer the space and money. All pieces are in excellent condition as im not a heavey hitter and havent had time to play at all in over a year.

    Gretsch Blackhawk kit
    # 8 x 10" Tom
    # 9 x 12" Tom
    # 11 x 14" Tom
    # 16 x 22" Bass
    # 5 x 14" Snare

    also have a spare stagg snare same size that ill throw in if needed

    # 14" Solid Hi-Hats ZXT
    # 16" Thin Crash ZXT
    # 16" China ZHT
    # 20" Medium Ride ZXT

    also have basic stagg kick pedal, hi-hat stand, stool, and straight stand hardware to throw in, plus sticks, practise pad and tuition books and notes.

    Id like to sell it all as one but im willing to listen to offers for bits and pieces. 350 for the whole thing.
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    Bump, im willing to listen to any reasonable offers.
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