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    [size=9]spirit of division presents:[/size]

    [color=violet][size=24][b]LIBRARY TAPES[/b][/size] [b](Sweden)[/b][/color][b]appearing with Don Cab and We Are Knives.[/b]

    [b]Thurs 13th Nov
    Laverys Bunker
    Doors 8pm
    Adm £10[/b]

    [color=violet][b]LIBRARY TAPES [/b][/color]



    Wordless Music offers a characteristically compelling triple bill headlined by Sweden’s Library Tapes, whose gentle, glistening instrumentals will surely appeal to lovers of Satie, Brian Eno’s ambient work and Sigur Rós in roughly equal measure. Much the same could be said for Norway’s Deaf Center, whose impressionistic miniatures are inspired by old films, architecture and nature. ACME opens with Philip Glass’s hypnotic String Quartet No. 5 and Ingram Marshall’s misty Fog Tropes II.


    "For fans of Max Richter, Tim Hecker, and Eluvium, A Summer Beneath the Tress is a can’t-miss album." (Pitchfork - 7.4 rating)

    "With some forays into string-led semi-ambient soundscapes suggesting a combination of the feelings engendered by Rachel’s, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and even Mike Oldfield" (diskant)

    For me, though, it’s nice to find a modern artist that hints at the classical roots of western music with meticulous harmonies and dynamics that can be called "mezzo-" or "-issimo." The bottom line is that Library Tapes has offered up a record that surprised me. A week after acquiring and listening to this album, I still hadn’t warmed up to it. A little digging, though, proved it to be an absolute treasure, capable of fitting in with the likes of Ravel or Erik Satie just as easily as Efterklang." (the silent ballet)


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