1. avatar PhatBob
    We will be doing a gig in the Black Box Cafe on Wed 5th Nov performing some of the show we toured across New Zealand, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur during the summer
    'The Morning After the Summer of Love. 1968; The Year of Revolt'. We haven't yet performed it in Belfast before so this will be a one-off.

    Then, fresh from our recent performances at the Waterboys Re-imagined in Oh Yeah and at OxJam with Joe Echo and the Burning Codes, we will be performing some of the new material which incorporates members of FutureChaser (Derry's latest blinding young talent) and the Motion Project/Different Drum (groups with well established reputations and immensely talented musicians).

    Having recorded one or two of the new tracks there will also be commemorative CDs on sale as well as books of previous shows etc etc.

    Doors are at 7.30 5 at the door and the show starts at 8pm
  2. avatar Adrenaline_Junkie
    This is Niall from Future Chaser (www.myspace.com/futurechaser)
    Just wanna encourage you all to come to the blackbox on wednesday night because we've really got a fucking stormer of a show lined up for you. :wink:
  3. avatar PhatBob
    :lol: I like the (myspace.com/futurechaser) ad :lol:

    If I ever figure out our login for Photobucket I'll get the poster up later for you to marvel at.
  4. avatar Adrenaline_Junkie

    Our photobucket account is a well oiled machine...punk. =P
  5. avatar PhatBob
    welcome to the wonderful world of the 21st Century - join the multi-coloured revolution...

    <a href="http://s124.photobucket.com/albums/p14/belfastpoetstourgroup/?action=view&current=SBMFlyer2.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p14/belfastpoetstourgroup/SBMFlyer2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  6. avatar Adrenaline_Junkie
    *bump* tonight.