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    [b:03b2858799]Wednesday 5th November
    Scott Capurro
    Keith Farnan
    compere : Colum McDonnell[/b:03b2858799]
    Mandela Hall, QUBSU

    Doors 9pm, Tickets £5

    [b:03b2858799]Scott Capurro[/b:03b2858799]

    Camp and outrageous, provocative and controversial, catty and hysterical, Scott Capurro is a breath of fresh air in the increasingly samey and stale world of stand-up. Constantly operating on the boundaries of good taste and often straying some way over the line Scott is a challenging comedian in the best sense of the word. He is so comfortable dealing with topics that other comics would never touch that he forces audiences to ask themselves why they should feel so uncomfortable about some of his subject matter. Yet despite this approach ­ or perhaps even because of it ­ Scott has established himself as one of the most popular faces in the UK comedy circuit.

    Scott is a veteran of our TV screens - he has appeared on such shows as BBC1's The Stand-Up Show and Channel 4's 8 out of 10 Cats. A diverse performer, Scott's talents were also incorporated into Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace! We’ll not dwell on the fact that he was also Aunt Jack in Mrs Doutfire.

    [b:03b2858799]Keith Farnan
    Following on from appearances in the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival, the Galway Comedy Festival and the Bulmers International Festival, as well as the Edinburgh Festival "Best of the Irish", and having played across Ireland and the UK, Keith is rapidly building up a reputation as one of the most energetic and intelligent of the new Irish acts to watch. He has not only played the Comedy Store in London but also won the inimitable Gong Show, which is the comedy equivalent of the Christians and the Lions.
    Colum McDonnell[/b:03b2858799]

    What Colum McDonnell lacks in stature, he gains in laughter. The "wee" man from Dundalk has established himself on the Irish comedy circuit with an unusual outlook on life. A Queen’s Comedy favourite, we could think of no-one better to take up the reigns while Mr Murphy is off recording the Panel. So let Colum’s tales of magpies, trains and sinking ships leave you laughing your little wet pants off!
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