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    [i:9d60c95d80]Nicest Man in Rock Promotions Presents[/i:9d60c95d80]

    [color=red:9d60c95d80]Gacys Threads[/color:9d60c95d80]
    [color=yellow:9d60c95d80]Echo Falls[/color:9d60c95d80]
    [color=yellow:9d60c95d80]Leah Jordan[/color:9d60c95d80]
    [color=yellow:9d60c95d80]Gavin Ferris[/color:9d60c95d80]

    Doors: 9:30
    Price: 7 or 5 with last weeks coupon from The Dangerfields gig!


    Gacys Threads

    After a triumphant display in The Square Peg this summer, the Gacys lads are back for more. Coming across as a mix of early Norma Jean and When Forever Comes Crashing era Converge, Gacys Threads present themselves across as frantic, passionate and downright fucking chaotic! Miss at your peril!




    After their strong support slot with Fighting With Wire, rockers AutoRun treat Warrenpoint with their upbeat rock. Having had chants ranging from "AutoRun" to "Moby Dick", you know you're in for a treat.




    Forming in the summer of 2007, these Warrenpoint based metallers have significantly raised their profile this past year. Having just recorded their demo, "Burn", expect the band to be firing on all cylinders. Contemporary metal with a progressive touch :wink:



    Echo Falls

    A new band on the Newry and Mourne music scene, Echo Falls have showcased a diverse range of influences between Jimmy Eat World and Tool. Check them out.


    Leah Jordan

    Leah Jordan treats Warrenpoint to her gentle and relaxed brand of acoustic rock.


    Gavin Ferris doesn't appear to have any website :( Anyhow, come down, go mad and get drunk :D
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    looking forward to this one, should be fun getting all dressed up! :-D
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    Bake on Darren.