1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Lurgan band [b:88b7f5be75]Captain Kennedy [/b:88b7f5be75]will be appearing on [b:88b7f5be75]BBC 2's Blas Ceoil [/b:88b7f5be75]programme on Thursday 30th October. Presented by Lynette Fay and Karen Kirby, the series is a journey around local music venues, showcasing musical talent from the area and highlighting the history and influence of music and language there.

    The programme introduces the audience to a new generation of musicians from each area performing alongside established singers and players who have gained worldwide recognition as performing artists.

    In Episode 3 of the series to be shown Thursday at 10pm, Captain Kennedy will be playing alongside The Tennessee Hennessey's, Ruairķ Cunnane and Forkhill native Paula Flynn.

    Series producer and presenter Karen Kirby says: "Following on from the success of the first series, we're delighted to be given the opportunity again to work with some of the country's best emerging and established musical talent.

    It was obvious from our journey around the counties of Northern Ireland last time that there was a huge potential to revisit each one, with an abundance of high quality musicians, all of various styles and influence, just waiting in the wings. We're drawing upon that local pool of talent again, placing well-known names on the same bill as new singers and musicians.

    I hope that the audience at home will once again get the sense that they're at the event themselves, having the opportunity to hear and see everything that has been recorded on radio and online".

    For further information visit Captain Kennedy's website at http://www.captainkennedy.co.uk
  2. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Hey for anyone who missed the show, it's up on the i-player now:

  3. avatar MICROLIP
    Good job last night lads, looked and sounded great!!! Nice way to end the sho, keep it up.
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    Saw it last night. Yes, really excellent job on both the look and the playing. I'm sure that will have raised the band's profile a lot.

    Paula Flynn, though. What [i:9debb12b3f]is[/i:9debb12b3f] she like?
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Cheers for the comments. Still up on i-Player if anyone fancies a wee look.