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    AU in Association with Lavery’s Presents
    The Dead Famous Halloween Ball
    Friday October 31

    The Bunker: Gigantic with Jonny Tiernan
    The Ballroom: Electro Breaks with Force Fed Dynamite
    The Attic: Freak Beats and Treats with Gregz

    Admission £5 / Doors 8pm

    AU Magazine has once again teamed up with Lavery’s to present the mother of all Halloween parties – the Dead Famous Ball. The theme is simple yet brilliant, all you have to do is come dressed as someone who is dead, and famous. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, George Best, Buddy Holly, Freddie Mercury – they’re all up for grabs, and a load more besides. You can be as obvious or as clever as you like, it’s all a bit of fun. Fictional characters are fair game, and if you think someone should be dead, then you may as well dress up as them too. There will be prizes for the best costumes, so if you do put the effort in the spoils of the win could be yours.

    The music on the night will be spread across three rooms on two floors. Jonny Tiernan is be manning the Bunker, playing cutting edge indie and electro. Gregz McCann will be taking over The Attic room for the night for a feast of freaky beats and treats, and Force Fed Dynamite will be blowing up in The Ballroom with a barrage of high quality electro breaks. The door price for the event is being held at a credit crunch compliant five pounds and it all kicks off at 8pm. Let the party begin.
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  3. avatar gregz
    getting ready all ready
  4. avatar ShowYourBones
    I'm thinking I'll be there tonight, however it won't be in the guise of someone dead or famous, does that matter?
  5. avatar gregz
    no feel free to come in whatever floats your boat, dead famous is the theme but everyones welcome regardless of what they're dressed up as or even if they're not in fancy dress - was gonna say not dressed up at all but realized just in time how that might end up - you might be showing your bones alright!