1. avatar exitonline
    [size=18]Live @ Auntie Annies
    Monday 3rd November[/size]
    [size=18][color=red]EXIT[/color][/size] [url]http://www.myspace.com/exitonline[/url]
    [size=18][color=red]HEYDAY[/color][/size] [url]http://www.myspace.com/heydaymusic[/url]
    [size=18][color=red]JARGON[/color][/size] [url]http://www.myspace.com/belfastjargon[/url]

    Doors Open @ 8:30pm
    Admission: 2 at the door
    Usual Drinks Promotions apply.

    Something for everyone and cheap door price. Hope to see you there... Here's the poster.

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  2. avatar exitonline
    Just a quick bump for monday night.
  3. avatar exitonline
    This is tomorrow night. Its only 2 in, which is for nothing really to see three bands...a cheap nights entertainment after all the Halloween excess.

    Doors open at 8:30, first band onstage at around 9:15/9:30. Usual drinks promotions apply.
  4. avatar flmcasey
    jargon are a cracker wee band (:
  5. avatar exitonline
    [quote:1f547be5fe="flmcasey"]jargon are a cracker wee band (:[/quote:1f547be5fe]

    Yeah, alot of energy from this band. So hopefully we'll see you at the gig.
  6. avatar No_Ending
    My first post!
    I was there! :D
    Great night out, especially for 2!

    Exit were fantastic, by far one of the most developed sounds and most professional acts in Northern Ireland.

    Jargon were great, great sound, great singer!

    Heyday, honestly, get a new lead vocalist and prefereably one who doesn't embarrass himself and our little country with the mindless crap he talks between songs, and someone who can hit at least one correct note during a set! I've heard alot of hype about these guys, i wouldn't go to the back door to see them now.