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    [b:c3f3a36057]The Crooked Jades[/b:c3f3a36057] are on a mission to reinvent old-world music for a modern age. With their rare and obscure repertoire, beautiful and original compositions, inspired arrangements and eclectic instrumentation, they are a fascinating band that transports Americana music back to its roots by creating mezmerising, vintage sounds straight from the pre-radio era.

    This week, the Californian five-piece will bring their soulful, fiery performances to Ireland for the first time, when they stop off for a series of spellbinding shows in:

    Tuesday 28th October
    Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart
    Doors: 8pm
    Tickets: £10/8 from 028 7083 1400

    Wednesday 29th October
    The Spiegeltent at Belfast Festival at Queen’s
    Doors: 9.30pm
    Tickets £11/9 from www.belfastfestival.com

    Thursday 30th October
    North Down Museum, Bangor
    Doors: 8pm
    Tickets; £9/7 from 028 9127 1200

    Friday 31st October
    Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny
    Doors: 8pm
    Tickets: €15/12 from 00353 74 91 20777
    Saturday 1st November

    Island Arts Centre, Lisburn
    Doors; 8pm
    Tickets: £10/8 from 028 9250 9254

    Based in San Francisco, The Crooked Jades were born out of band leader Jeff Kazor’s dream to revive the dark and hypnotic sounds of pre-radio music. Gaining inspiration from the vibrant west coast and bay area bluegrass/old-time scenes, The Crooked Jades carefully crafted their unique sound, by exploring the roots of Americana music and interweaving it with diverse musical influences from Europe and Africa.

    Featuring Jeff Kazor (vocals, guitar, ukele), Leah Abramson (harmonium, guitar), Charlie Rose (bass), Sophie Vitells (fiddle) and Rose Sinclair (banjo), The Crooked Jades have been described by the Boston Herald as an act that takes their listeners on a “Haunting, sophisticated trip to Appalachia”.

    The quintet perform with a thrilling energy that always has their audiences on their feet dancing. They have been celebrated for appealing as much to the pierced generation as to their great-grandparents and have been compared to everyone from Nick Cave, Gillian Welch and Tom Waits to The Pogues and The New Lost City Ramblers.

    The Crooked Jades’ exceptional music and amazing performances inspired Director Sean Penn to include the astounding ‘Fork and File’, (a song from their album ‘World’s On Fire’) on the soundtrack of his highly acclaimed film ‘Into the wild’. Earlier this year, they released their latest record ‘Shining Darkness’ which has been lauded by fRoots Magazine as “A consistently startling and addictive album.”

    A spirited, passionate, innovative and unpredictable band, The Crooked Jades, are an unmissable and memorable act. Their unique mixture of sepia soaked sounds, eerie folk songs, driving dance tunes and haunting ballads, fully absorbs listeners and takes them on an incredible musical journey back in time, so check them out at a venue near you this week!
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    [b:9430283c8b]"fRoots" Magazine?[/b:9430283c8b] Serious?
  3. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    Check out the myspace, there's a beautiful tune up there called Shallow Brown....

    I love this band :-)
  4. avatar Tanya Skibunny
    So, I went to Portstewart last night to see these guys. It was really amazing. If you have any interest at all in traditional, folk, americana, country etc etc, you should totally go to this. I was meant to be going see another band play tonight, but I have changed my plans so I can go to the Crooked Jades at the Spiegeltent instead. THAT's how much I enjoyed it...